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Whirlpool WHES60 Installation And Operation Manual page 14

Demand controlled water softener


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Customizing Features / Options
With repeated presses of the DATA button, you can ob-
tain operational information about your water softener.
This is the percentage of
water softening capacity
remaining. Immediately
after a regeneration, 100%
shows. Then, as water is
used, the percentage
decreases until the next
regeneration. During
regenerations, the percen-
tage increments upward.
NOTE: Zero (0%) shows until after the first regenera-
tion begins, after connecting to electrical power.
Flow Rate, GPM*
When using soft water,
this display shows the gal-
lons per minute flow rate
passing through the sof-
tener. Zero shows if water
is not in use.
Gallons* Today
Each day, beginning at
midnight, the timer keeps
a running count of the
total gallons of water
passing through the sof-
Average Daily
The figure displayed is the
average gallons of water
used by the household
each day, over the past
seven day period.
*If preferred, you can set the timer to show the read-
ing in liters instead of gallons. If gallons today, or
average daily gallons exceeds 1999, a (x 10) indica-
tor appears. This means you must multiply the num-
ber shown times 10.
1. Press the PROGRAM button and hold for three
seconds, until a flashing "2:00AM" and the words
"RECHARGE TIME" are displayed. This is a good
time for the recharge to start in most households,
because water is not in use.
FIG. 22
2. If you want to change the recharge start time,
press the
desired time shows. Be sure AM or PM is correct.
3. Press the PROGRAM button four times to return to
the normal run display (See Fig. 19).
The water softener automatically controls regenera-
FIG. 23
tion frequency. This provides the greatest operating
efficiency and, under most conditions, this feature
should be left in this automatic mode. However, you
may modify this feature if you want to force a regen-
eration every set number of days. For example, if
your water supply contains clear water iron, you may
want the softener to regenerate every few days to
keep the resin bed clean. The maximum days
between recharges may be set from 1 to 15 days, as
NOTE: The softener will recharge on its own if need-
FIG. 24
1. Press the PROGRAM button and hold for three
seconds, until the "Recharge Time" screen (Figure
26) is displayed.
2. Once in this display, press the PROGRAM button
again and the display in Figure 27 is shown.
FIG. 25
UP or
DOWN buttons until the
ed, even if it is before the set number of days.
FIG. 26
FIG. 27

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents