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Whirlpool WHES60 Installation And Operation Manual page 9

Demand controlled water softener


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Electrical Shock Hazard
Prior to installation on metallic plumbing,
securely install two grounding clamps and a
#4 copper wire per installation instructions.
Failure to follow these instructions can result
in death or electrical shock.
(2 - not included)
Outside diameter
of water softener
valve inlet & outlet
NOTE: Be sure all 3 tabs of the clip go through the matching
holes on the water softener valve inlet or outlet, and
fully into the channel on the single bypass valve.
Make sure that the tabs are fully seated.
Installation Instructions
Ground Wire
(not included)
FIG. 10
Single Bypass Valve
FIG. 11
Outside diameter
of clip channel on
FIG. 12
single bypass valve
(for Installations on Metal Pipe)
The house main incoming water pipe is often used to
ground electrical outlets in the home. Grounding pro-
tects you from electrical shock. Installing the water
softener with a plastic bypass valve will break this
ground. Before beginning installation, purchase and
securely install two grounding clamps and a #4 copper
wire across the location where the softener will be,
tightly clamping it at both ends, as shown in Figure 10.
NOTE: Check local plumbing and electrical codes for
proper installation of the ground wire. The
installation must conform to them. In
Massachusetts, plumbing codes of
Massachusetts shall be conformed to.
Consult with your licensed plumber.
Secure the unit with its inlet/outlet
plumbing connections to a wall or
other rigid surface to prevent tipping.
FIG. 13

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents