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The product employs wireless data communication which may
interfere, or be interfered by, a near-by device.
Never use this device in the vicinity of a microwave oven or at
places where there is radio interference.
Radio wave reception may be worsened in specific environments.
Please be advised that if another device is also using the same
2.4GHz band as this product, the processing speed of both
devices may slow down.
This product gets warm when in use; this is normal.
Improper use or operation of the product may result in damage
of the product or its accessories and void the warranty.
The radio frequency (RF) generated by this RF electronic device
may cause adverse effects on the operation of other electronic
devices and result in malfunctioning. Wireless transmitters and
circuitry may also interfere with other electronic devices.
Therefore, do observe the following precautions:
‧Aircraft: Never use a radio transmitter when you are in an
airplane. Please switch off the Wi-Fi function of the device.
‧Vehicle: The radio frequency transmitted by this device may
affect the electronic system in a motorized vehicle. Please
consult the manufacturer or dealer of your vehicle on the
possible effect.
‧Pacemaker: In order to prevent any potential interference to a
pacemaker, anyone who uses a pacemaker should be advised,
that, when using this device, a minimum distance of 15cm (6
inch) should be kept between the device and the pacemaker; and
never put this device in a chest pocket. In case of any doubt of
interference, switch off the device immediately.
‧Medical Device: If you use a personal medical device, consult the
device manufacturer or your physician to confirm if your device
is sufficiently shielded from the RF transmission of this device.
‧Medical Facilities: Hospitals and medical institutes may use
facilities that are sensitive to an external RF energy. Observe
such instructions when the medical care personnel or any


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