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Digital Camcorder
Quick Start Guide


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  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

    Digital Camcorder Quick Start Guide...

  • Page 2: Getting Started

    For more details about the camcorder operation and troubleshooting, please read the User Manual located on the CDROM disc included with your camcorder or visit Inserting SD Card(s) Open the battery cover. Insert the SD card gently into the slot. Make sure the copper contact faces upwards.

  • Page 3: Loading The Battery

    Loading the Battery ONLY use the provided battery or manufacturer recommended battery with this camcorder. Note: Insert the battery correctly according to this description. Failure to due this could result in damage to this camcorder and rare cases result in fire. Open the battery cover.

  • Page 4: Charging The Battery

    Close the battery cover. Battery Status Indicator: Battery full Battery half full Battery empty  Charging battery (A new battery should be charged at least 4 hours.)  The device power is supplied by DC input. (No battery inside.) 1.3 Charging the Battery Use the AC adaptor to charge the lithium battery, whether the camcorder is on or off.

  • Page 5

    External View Lens Menu Button LED Light Power Self-timer Indicator Light Button Status Display Mode Button Recording Button Tripod socket Battery / Memory Card USB/HD/TV Output Compartment Zoom Button Microphone Speaker Hand Strap Playback Button...

  • Page 6

    1.4 Buttons & Functions Description Button Function Power Press the button to turn ON/OFF the power. Button Menu Press the button to display the main OSD menu. Button - Press [MODE] to access different the 3 mode of Video, Photo and Voice recording.

  • Page 7: Initial Settings Before Use

    1.5 Initial settings before use 1.5.1 Setting Date and Time 1. Power on the camcorder to set up the date and time for the initial use. Set the date and time by touching the screen to select the field to be modified and touch the up or down arrow icons to change the value as illustrated below.

  • Page 8: Using The Camcorder

    2 Using the Camcorder 2.1 Recording a Video Clip 1. Power on the camcorder by opening the LCD panel or pressing the power button. Press the Mode Button ( ) or touch the “DV Mode icon” on the LCD screen to switch to DV mode. 2.

  • Page 9

    2.2 Video Clip / Voice Clip Playback Note: Video, Photos and Audios may not play back on the camcorder if: 1. The folder/file name has been changed on your computer. 2. If the file has been edited / processed on a computer or captured with another camcorder / camera.

  • Page 10

    Recorded files will appear as thumbnails as illustrated below. Touch the desired mode icon (DV, DSC, or Audio). Touch the thumbnail or use the Zoom Button ( ) to select the file. 2. To Playback or pause the file, press the Recording Button ( or touch the screen icons ( 3.

  • Page 11

    4. You can also playback the video clips at different speeds by touching the screen icons ( ). To playback in slower speeds, touch the ( ) icon to select ON/OFF then touch the ( ) icons to vary the speed. Review the table below for details.

  • Page 12: Taking A Picture

    Shooting / Playback Photos 2.3.1 Taking a picture 1. Turn on the camcorder. Press the Mode Button ( ) or touch the screen to select the “DSC Mode icon” to switch to DSC Mode. DSC Mode icon 2. Press the Recording Button ( ) half way to display the auto focus bracket.

  • Page 13: Photo Playback

    2.3.2 Photo Playback 1. In DSC Mode, press Playback Button ( ) or touch the Playback icon to display the images on the LCD screen. Playback Playback Mode Icon 2. Touch the file thumbnail or press the Zoom Button ( ) to select the file, and press Recording Button (...

  • Page 14

    3. Pressing the Zoom Button ( ) or touching the screen to select the Zoom icons ( ) will zoom in or zoom out the picture. Press the Mode Button ( ) or touch the screen to select the 4-way icons to move the image. 4.

  • Page 15: Pc And Tv Connection

    3 PC and TV Connection 3.1 Connecting to the Computer As shown in the illustration below, use the USB cable provided to connect the camcorder to a PC for file transmission. 3.2 Connecting to a Standard TV As shown in the illustrations below, either use the provided HDMI cable to connect to a HD TV or the video cable to connect to a standard TV.

  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    4. Troubleshooting Problem Possible Cause Solution 1. Battery is not 1. Please insert inserted correctly. battery correctly. Cannot power on the Camcorder. 2. Battery is 2. Recharge the exhausted. Battery. 1. Power saving 1. Please turn on the mode already power again.

  • Page 17

    1. Unlock the memory 1. Memory card is card. Protected. 2. Reformat the 2. Memory card memory card. Unable to use the contains non-DCF Please make sure external memory images taken by to backup the file card. other cameras. before reformatting memory card.

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