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HP lc100w User Manual: Wi-fi Connecting

Mini wifi cam.
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3.2 Wi-Fi connecting

Press the Power button to switch on the camcorder.
Press the Wi-Fi button to activate the wireless network.
Using the Wi-Fi function of the mobile device, search for the
camcorder ID from the list. Each camcorder has a unique ID no.:
hplc100wXXXXXXX (The last 2 digits of the ID will be as same as the
last 2 digits that displayed on the LCM screen.).
Select and enter Wi-Fi password (enter the 4 numeral/letter on
your LCM display twice will be your Wi-Fi password. E.g., if LCM
display shows "
For iOS / Android Users:
Using the mobile device [Settings] → [Wi-Fi] → [Select
camcorder ID no.: hplc100wXXXXXXX] → [Enter the password] →
When connected to the
display will show
1. Make sure the Wi-Fi function of the camcorder is activated and the mobile device is receiving Wi-Fi
signal before performing the
2. The mobile device shall be within a maximum of a 10m distance from the camcorder without any
buildings in between.
3. When the Wi-Fi function of the camcorder is activated for 3 minutes without connecting with your
mobile device, or the connection is disconnected, the camcorder will automatically stop the Wi-Fi
function and you will need to re-activate the Wi-Fi function.
4. We suggest that you should set the correct date and time for your mobile device before using the
camcorder, so that the recorded video will be consistent with the date and time settings of the
mobile device.
5. After connecting the mobile device with the camcorder, all the mode switch, Record and Wi-Fi
operation buttons of the camcorder will be disable; all the operations shall be carried out via the
Pixi Cam
6. The language of the
options, the App will be activated with default language.
", your Wi-Fi password will be 12341234).
Pixi Cam
Pixi Cam
App, or the App will be exited.
Pixi Cam
App will be consistent with your mobile device, beyond the language
, indicates the Wi-Fi is connected.
, camcorder LCM


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