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HP T500 User Manual

Hewlett-packard camcorder user manual.
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Digital Camcorder
User's Manual


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   Summary of Contents for HP T500

  • Page 1

    Digital Camcorder User’s Manual...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    2.1 Loading the Battery ...8 2.2 Charge your battery ...8 2.3 Inserting and Removing an SD Card ...8 2.4 Turning the Digital Camcorder On ...9 2.5 Configuring the Initial Date and Time Setup ...9 2.6 Getting Started ...9 2.7 Turning the Camera Off ...9 3.

  • Page 4

    7.1 Installing Bundled Software ...31 7.2 Transferring Photos or Videos to a Computer ...31 8. Uploading Files to Internet ... 32 9. Troubleshooting ... 36 10. Getting Help ... 37 Specifications and System Requirements ... 39...

  • Page 5: Preface

    Preface About this Manual This manual is designed to assist you in using your new digital camcorder. All information presented is as accurate as possible but is subject to change without notice. For the latest revision, please visit Copyright This manual contains proprietary information protected by copyright.

  • Page 6: Safety And Handling Precautions

    Do not use or store the product in dusty, dirty, or sandy areas or any area that is close to an air conditioner or heater. • It is normal that the temperature of the Digital Camcorder body rises if the Digital Camcorder is on for a long period of time. •...

  • Page 7

    • Do not expose to high temperature above 45°C (113°F) such as in direct sunlight. • Do not incinerate or dispose of in a fire. • Do not handle damaged or leaking lithium ion batteries. • Be sure to charge the battery pack using the appropriate device for this battery pack. •...

  • Page 8: Photography Terms And Definitions

    Photography Terms and Definitions Terms Definitions Auto focus refers to a camera lens’ ability to adjust its configuration in order to focus properly on a subject regardless of whether it is near or Auto Focus (AF) far from the camera. Auto focus lenses generally provide vastly superior image quality than do their fixed focus cousins since they do not have to rely on their depth of field.

  • Page 9: Getting To Know Your Camera

    1. Getting to Know Your Camera 1.1 Overview The camera with 5 Mega Pixel sensor can take H.264 videos. By way of using H.264 technology, more videos can be taken within certain amount of memory. High quality images with up to 16 mega-pixels can also be delivered smoothly.

  • Page 10: Front View

    Front View Microphone Flash Lens Self-timer LED Rear View Playback LED Indicator TV Port HDMI Port Mini USB 2.0 Port Tele/Wide Toggle Photo Button LCD Touch Panel Record LED Indicator Video Button...

  • Page 11: Side View

    Side View Power Button Playback Button Pause Button Digital Light Button Stabilization Button Speaker Bottom View Battery/SD card Cover Tripod Socket...

  • Page 12: Getting Started

    Insert the battery according to the correct polarity marks ( + or -). Close the battery cover firmly. Note If the camcorder does not power up, make sure that it is orientated properly. 2.2 Charge your battery It is recommended that the AC adaptor and USB cable included with the camcorder be used for the initial charge.

  • Page 13: Turning The Digital Camcorder On

    2.4 Turning the Digital Camcorder On To power on the camera: Flip out the LCD panel; the camera will turn on automatically. Or press [Power Button] for one second. 2.5 Configuring the Initial Date and Time Setup The time setting screen appears to allow you to setup date and time: Operation Touch Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, and AM/PM to set.

  • Page 14: Enjoying The Record Mode

    3. Enjoying the Record Mode 3.1 Button Function Video Button: Press to take video. To stop recording, press it again. Photo Button: Press to take photo. When recording video, press to capture the image. Tele Button: Zoom In. Wide Button Zoom out.

  • Page 15: Lcd Monitor Information

    3.2 LCD Monitor Information The indicators shown below may display on LCD when videos and photos are recorded: Video Resolution Full HD (1080p 30 fps) HD (720p 60 fps) HD (720p 30 fps) VGA (640X480) Slow Motion (Record video at 432x240(QVGA) resolution.) Photo Resolution 16MP Recording time of the video that can still be taken at current...

  • Page 16

    SD Card Inserted Flash Auto Red Eye Reduction Flash Off Digital Light On (10) Stabilization Pre-Record Mode (11) Time Lapse (12) Macro Focusing On Daylight (13) Fluorescent Tungsten Scene Skin Night (14) Backlight Black/White Classic Negative (15) Date Printing On Battery: full power Battery: medium power (16)

  • Page 17: Video Recording

    Note • Stabilization, Time Lapse, and Slow Motion functions can not be used simultaneously. • Stabilization and Night Mode functions can not be used simultaneously. • Pre-Record, Motion Detect, Slow Motion, and Time Lapse functions can not be used simultaneously. 3.3 Video Recording •...

  • Page 18: Using Digital Light Function

    3.6 Using Digital Light Function The setting allows you to extend the brightness of the objects that are dark or in the shadow. It can extend the dynamic range for backlight and high contrast sense, so that the objects will be brighter and clearer.

  • Page 19: Options For Record Menu

    3.9 Options for Record Menu Video Photo • Resolution • Resolution • Pre-record • Flash • Motion Detect • • Slow Motion • Self-Timer • Time Lapse * Please refer to Section 5 for the detailed information about [Setting]. 3.10 Operations for Record Mode Operation 1.

  • Page 20: Video

    3.11 Video Operation ouch on the screen options menu will be displayed on the screen. Touch the [ ] icon on the screen. The video submenu will be displayed. The Video submenu contains 5 options-- Resolution, Pre-record, Motion Detect, Slow Motion, and Time Lapse --for you to adjust the camera settings.

  • Page 21: Motion Detection

    Enabling the Slow Motion function will reduce video resolution. • Turning power off then on will reset the Pre-record to the default setting of OFF and return the camcorder to the Full HD resolution. 3.11.5 Time Lapse Record still images at specific intervals you can set and play them as one video file.

  • Page 22: Photo

    3.12 Photo Operation ouch on the screen options menu will be displayed. Touch the [ ] icon on the screen. The photo submenu will be displayed. The Photo submenu contains 4 options-- Resolution, Flash, ISO, and Self-Timer --for you to adjust the camera settings.

  • Page 23: Effect

    Press the photo shutter button to begin the 10 second countdown. The Self-timer light on the front of the camcorder will begin to flash. The frequency of the blinking will increase until the photo is taken.

  • Page 24: White Balance

    3.13.1 Scene You can select the mode according to the scene condition. • Auto ( ): Shoot without any special effect on the image. This is the default setting. • Skin ( ): Shoot with an effect that softens skin tones. •...

  • Page 25: Enjoying The Playback Mode

    3.13.3 Macro Mode Select Macro mode to record close-up video and photos. Operation In the Effect submenu, touch the [ screen. Touch to select [ On] or [Off] ( Touch the Exit icon ) to exit. Note Turning power off then on will reset the Macro mode to the default setting of OFF. 4.

  • Page 26: Lcd Monitor Information

    4.2 LCD Monitor Information Indicators on the LCD screen while in Playback Mode: Video Playback Mode Video Resolution Photo Resolution 0003/0005 Photo Playback Mode Full HD (1080p 30 fps) HD (720p 60 fps) HD (720p 30 fps) VGA (640X480) Slow Motion (432x240(QVGA)) 16MP Dual Record (The image resolution captured during videos recording is the same as the video resolution.)

  • Page 27: Operations For Playback Mode

    (10) (11) (12) 4.3 Operations for Playback Mode The Playback Mode is for viewing and managing videos and photos on the built-in memory or on an SD Card. Operation Press [Playback Button] or touch switch to the Playback mode. Touch to select the specific option. Touch ( ) to back to Record Mode.

  • Page 28: Video Playback Mode

    Video Playback Mode Operation In the Video Playback mode, touch or pause the videos. Sweep to the right or touch video; sweep to the left or touch next video. While playing videos, touch forward. Touch to increase the volume; touch reduce the volume.

  • Page 29: Photo Playback

    4.5 Photo Playback Operation In the Photo Playback mode, to go to the previous photo; sweep to the left or touch to go to the next photo. While the photo is selected, move the tele/wide toggle to the “T” position to magnify. (The magnification Indicator appears on the screen) To navigate the magnified photo, press on the screen and move as well.

  • Page 30: Setting Your Camera

    5. Setting Your Camera 5.1 Setting Menu Operation ouch on the screen options menu will be displayed. Touch the [ ] icon on the screen. The settings submenu will be displayed. The Setting submenu contains 7 options for configuring your camera setup.

  • Page 31: Time Setting

    5.1.3 Language Use this option to select the language of the user interface. Operation In the Setting menu, touch the [ screen. Touch to select the desired option. Touch the Exit icon ) to exit. 5.1.4 Time Setting Operation In the Setting menu, touch the [ screen to enter the time setting screen.

  • Page 32: Default Setting

    5.1.6 Format Use this function to format the internal or external (when a SD/SDHC memory card is inserted) memory. Please note that once a format has been selected, ALL video and photos will be PERMANETLY erased and CANNOT be restored. Be sure to save any desired video and photos to another location such as a PC/laptop before formatting.

  • Page 33

    The following table indicates the camera’s default settings Setting Resolution Stabilization Motion Detection Slow Motion Time Lapse Self-Timer Scene White Balance Flash Sound Language Date Printing Volume Default Factory Setting FHD (1080p 30) for Video 5MP for Photo Auto Auto Auto Depends on shipping area Depends on shipping area...

  • Page 34: Viewing Photos And Videos On Tv

    6. Viewing Photos and Videos on TV 6.1 Connecting to a High-Definition 16:9(Wide) TV Connect the HDMI cable to your camera’s HDMI Out port. Connect the other end of the cable to a HDMI compatible television. Set the video input source of your TV to the appropriate HDMI input. The steps for viewing stored videos and photos on HDTV are exactly the same as for viewing them on the LCD monitor.

  • Page 35: Viewing Video & Photo On Pc

    7. Viewing Video & Photo on PC 7.1 Installing Bundled Software The CD-ROM supplied with this camera contains 2 pieces of software. • ArcSoft MediaImpression is a user-friendly application that helps you managing your media, burning your video into DVD, and uploading your files to the web sites easily. •...

  • Page 36: Uploading Files To Internet

    8. Uploading Files to Internet The built-in Internet Direct application offers you an easy way to upload your files to Internet instantly. It helps you share them with your family and friends on the web site. To upload files to Internet: Connect the camera to your computer by using the supplied USB cable.

  • Page 37

    If the AutoPlay window does not appear. Please click [My Computer]-->[DVAP]-->[DVAP.exe] to execute the application.) The main screen appears automatically on the desktop. (To view the recorded clips on Internet Direct, it is necessary to install ArcSoft MediaImpression first. ) On the thumbnail screen, click on the up/down icon to change the pages.

  • Page 38

    Click on “ UPLOAD” to start uploading. Click on “ CANCEL” to stop uploading. To playback the video file: Double click on the video clip on the thumbnail screen. Click on the Play/Pause icon thumbnail preview screen. to play/pause. Click on the Return icon to return to the...

  • Page 39

    To setup your account information for the website: 1. Click on to go to the setup screen. 2. Fill in your account information in the blanks. Then click on “Save”. (If you do not have an account, please sign up on the website first.)

  • Page 40: Troubleshooting

    - The battery may need to be re-charged. - Try removing the battery for 30 seconds and re-install. 7. The Camcorder does not respond and seems to be locked. - Try removing the battery for 30 seconds and re-install. Power up the camcorder.

  • Page 41: Getting Help

    Return Material Authorization (RMA) number in order to replace your HP Branded Product. For warranty claims, you will be required to provide a copy of your original dated sales receipt as proof of purchase and the issued RMA number. You will be responsible for shipping charges when shipping the product to the service center.

  • Page 42

    Contact/phone Support: Country Language Europe Region (EMEA) België Nederlandsk/ Deutsch Deutschland Deutsch España Español France Français Ireland English Italia Italiano Nederland Nederlandsk Schweiz Deutsch/ Français/ Italiano English North America United States English Canada English and French Country Language City Mexico City México Español Guadalajara...

  • Page 43: Specifications And System Requirements

    Specifications and System Requirements Specification Image sensor 5 Mega pixel CMOS sensor Operation modes Video record, Photo record Lens Auto Focus Lens (F3.5) Focus range Macro Mode:1cm~120 cm Normal Mode: 1 cm ~ infinite Zoom 1X~230X (23X Optical zoom and 10X Digital zoom) Shutter Electronic LCD monitor...

  • Page 45

    P/N: 7525C00252A...

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