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Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis Unit
Filtration System
Storage Tank
GE Appliances
Part No. 215C1044P001 Pub. No. 49-50005
Owner's Manual
and Installation
6-98 CG


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  • Page 1

    GE Appliances Reverse Osmosis Filtration System Owner’s Manual and Installation Faucet GXRV10ABL01 Reverse Osmosis Unit Storage Tank Part No. 215C1044P001 Pub. No. 49-50005 6-98 CG 7198846...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ... . . 3 You are Now Part of the GE Family. Welcome to the GE family. We’re proud of our quality products and we are committed to providing dependable service. You’ll see it in this easy-to-use Owner’s Manual and you’ll hear it in the friendly voices of our customer service department.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Information

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING. WARNING! For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of property damage or personal injury. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Check with your state and local public works This product reduces fluoride in drinking water.

  • Page 4: Specification Guidelines

    Specification guidelines. Product – height 16″ width 17″ depth 6″ The system makes a good supply of drinking water each day. How much it will make depends primarily on these things… Feed water pressure limits—pounds per square inch (psi) ..... .40–125 c Feed water temperature limits—minimum/maximum degrees F.

  • Page 5

    Description of the Reverse Osmosis System Prefilter Water from the cold supply pipe is directed to the prefilter cartridge, which is inside the sump. The prefilter — is a replaceable sediment cartridge containing activated carbon. The cartridge removes sand, silt, dirt, other sediments and up to 2.0 ppm of chlorine from the feed water.

  • Page 6: Care And Cleaning

    Care and cleaning of the reverse osmosis system. To obtain replacement filters, call GE Appliance Parts at 800-626-2002. Prefilter/Postfilter Cartridge Replacement FX12PA Carbon Block Reverse Osmosis Cartridge Replacement FX12M Thin Film Polyamide CAUTION: Before servicing the Reverse Osmosis system, close the water supply/saddle valve and open the RO water faucet.

  • Page 7: Sanitizing

    Sanitizing the Reverse Osmosis System Sanitize upon installation of the Reverse Osmosis Remove the PREFILTER sump and cartridge. system and after servicing inner parts, including Dispose of water in the sump. Place this replacement of prefilter, postfilter and the cartridge in a clean plastic bag. Reverse Osmosis cartridge.

  • Page 8

    Care and cleaning of the reverse osmosis system. Flow Control and Screen The flow control regulates the flow of water If you are replacing the flow control and through the Reverse Osmosis cartridge at the screen, discard them. If you are checking Check valve tee required rate so high quality product water is the flow control, screen and tubing for...

  • Page 9: Installation Instructions

    Installation instructions. Important Installation Recommendations Read entire manual. Failure to follow all guides and rules could cause personal injury or property damage. • BE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL APPLICABLE STATE AND LOCAL CODES. • Use a qualified installer. • Do not install the Reverse Osmosis system outside or in extreme hot or cold temperatures. DO NOT INSTALL ON HOT WATER.

  • Page 10

    Installation instructions. Things to Check Before Beginning Installation The water supply to the DRAIN POINT*— A suitable drain point and air FEED WATER— undercounter Reverse Osmosis system must gap (check your local codes) are needed for have the qualities listed in the specifications reject water from the Reverse Osmosis (see the Specifications Guidelines section).

  • Page 11: Feed Water Supply

    Step-by-step installation instructions. Feed Water Supply Check and comply with local plumbing codes as you plan, then install a cold feed water supply fitting. For new home installation using standard plumbing fittings, see Fig. 2A below. A typical installation for existing homes using the saddle valve is shown in Fig. 2B below. A.

  • Page 12: Drain Connections

    Step-by-step installation instructions. Filtration Drain Connection Installations Check and comply with all state and local plumbing codes as you plan. CAUTION: The options detailed below are the ONLY approved installation configurations. Do not use any drain saddle device. NOTE: Failure to follow these Installation Instructions will void the Warranty, and the Installer will be responsible for any service, repair, or damages caused thereby.

  • Page 13

    Secondary Recommendation (Use only if option A, B or C is not possible.) OPTION D. DRAIN LINE ADAPTER INSTALLATION (FIG. 3D) Fig. 3D. From faucet air gap DO NOT install the drain line downstream of a disposal or in a horizontal pipe. Install the provided drain line Drain line Mandatory baffle-tee adapter under the sink as shown.

  • Page 14: Faucet Installation

    Step-by-step installation instructions. Faucet Installation Take the 27² length of 3 ⁄ 8 ² tubing and push one end Be sure there is room underneath the sink to make the completely onto the 3 ⁄ 8 ² faucet barb fitting (Fig. 4B). needed connections.

  • Page 15

    Faucet Drain Tubing and Water Supply Tubing To connect the water supply tubing: Run the 1 ⁄ 4 ² tubing If Option A, BASEMENT ACCESS INSTALLATION, see Filtration Drain Connection Installations section, was used, (marked “WATER SUPPLY”) from the Reverse Osmosis inlet to the feed water supply fitting (see Fig.

  • Page 16: System Assembly

    Step-by-step installation instructions. Reverse Osmosis System Assembly and Storage Tank Installation 1. Hold the Reverse Osmosis assembly up to the wall surface where you will install it. Mark locations for the hanger washers and screws. 2. Fasten the hanger washers to the wall surface. Wood screws are included for fastening to a wood surface.

  • Page 17: Checklist

    Now That Your Reverse Osmosis System is Installed…Sanitize Sanitize upon installation and after servicing inner parts, including replacement of prefilter, postfilter and the Reverse Osmosis cartridge. It is important to wash hands with anti-bacterial soap before handling inner parts of the system. See the Sanitizing the Reverse Osmosis System and Purging the Reverse Osmosis System sections.

  • Page 18: Before You Call For Service

    Before you call for service… Troubleshooting Tips Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages first and you may not need to call for service. Problem Possible Causes What To Do • This is normal. Sounds you might hear Running water from the unit to a drain.

  • Page 19

    You can rest easy knowing that all your valuable household products are protected against expensive repairs. 800-626-2224 Place your confidence in GE and call us in the U.S. toll-free at for more information. *All brands covered, up to 20 years old, in the continental U.S.

  • Page 20

    ® a safety modification. Our service number GE Answer Center is 800-GE-CARES 800.626.2000. (800-452-2737). Model Number Serial Number Important: If you did not get a registration card with your product, detach and return the form below to ensure that your product is registered.

  • Page 21: Parts List

    Parts list 36 67 L I T 47, 48, 49, 50 (ART NO. *NOTE: Codes in the State of Massachusetts WH754 C) require installation by a licensed plumber and do not permit the use of the saddle valve. For installation, use plumbing code 248-CMR of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • Page 22

    General Electric parts catalog GXRV10ABL01 REF. NO. PART NO. PART DESCRIPTION 0001 WS15X10003 FAUCET WHITE TIP & LEVER WS15X10011 FAUCET BLACK TIP & LEVER 0004 WS02X10007 SCREW #6-32 X 1 -3/8² 0006 WS08X10003 GASKET FAUCET 0007 WS02X10008 0008 WS03X10003 ADAPTER TUBING...

  • Page 23: Warranty

    Any part of the Reverse Osmosis Filtration System which fails due to a defect in materials or One Year workmanship. During this limited one-year warranty, GE will also provide, free of charge, all labor From the date of the (does not include service trip to home) to replace the defective part.

  • Page 24: Service Telephone Numbers

    Expert GE repair service is only a phone call away. Special Needs Service 800.626.2000 800-TDD-GEAC (800-833-4322) GE offers, free of charge, a brochure to assist in planning a barrier-free kitchen for persons with limited mobility. Service Contracts 800-626-2224 Purchase a GE service contract while your warranty is still in effect and you’ll receive a substantial discount.

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