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Heater Mounting; Water Connection; Gas Connection - Bosch WR11B series Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

Gas instantaneous water heater
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14 | Installation (must be carried out only by qualified technicians)
– be thermally insulated
– have an exit above the maximum roof level.
• The combustion gases evacuation pipe must be
inserted in the flue ring. The external diameter of the
pipe must be slightly less than the diameter of the flue
indicated in the table of heater dimensions.
• The extremity of the evacuation pipe must be
protected against wind/rain.
Ensure that the extremity of the evacuation
pipe is placed between the ledge and the
ring of the flue.
If these conditions cannot be met, a different location
must be selected for the gas intake and evacuation.
Surface temperature
The maximum surface temperature of the heater is less
than 85 °C, with the exception of the combustion gases
evacuation device. No special protection measures are
required for flammable construction materials or built-in
furniture items.
Air intake
The place where the heater is to be installed must have
an area of air supply according to the table.
Table 7
Useful areas for air intake
The minimum requirements are listed above; however,
each country's specified requirements must also be

Heater mounting

B Remove the temperature/flow selector and the power
B Unscrew the front fixing screws.
B With a simultaneous movement towards you and
upwards, release the front of the two lugs from the
B Fix the heater vertically, using the provided screw
hooks and plugs.
Never support the gas heater on the water
or gas connections.
6 720 648 592 (2011/06)
Minimuum useful area
≥ 60 cm
≥ 90 cm
≥ 120 cm

Water connection

It is advisable to purge the installation beforehand,
because the presence of dirt may reduce the flow and,
in extreme cases, cause a blockage.
B Identify the cold water pipe ( Fig. 13, item A) and
the hot water pipe ( Fig. 13, item B), so as to avoid
any possible mis-connection.
B Connect the water pipes to the water valve using the
provided connection accessories.
Fig. 13
Water connection
It is advisable to install a non-return valve on
the supply side of the heater to avoid
problems caused by sudden changes in
supply pressure.

Gas connection

If local regulations are not follow exactly, a
fire or explosion may result causing
property damage, personal injury or loss of
Only use accessories recommended in this
Gas pressure regulator
This appliance requires an operating pressure of 2,8 kPa
at the appliance. A suitable LPG regulator that complies
with the requirements of SANS 1237 must be installed.



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