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Key To Symbols And Safety Instructions; Explanation Of Symbols; Safety Instructions - Bosch WR11B series Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

Gas instantaneous water heater
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Key to symbols and safety instructions


Explanation of symbols

Warnings in this document are framed and
identified by a warning triangle which is
printed on a grey background.
Electrical hazards are identified by a
lightning symbol surrounded by a warning
Keywords indicate the seriousness of the hazard in
terms of the consequences of not following the safety
• NOTE indicates that material damage may occur.
• CAUTION indicates that minor to medium injury may
• WARNING indicates that serious injury may occur.
• DANGER indicates possible risk to life.
Important information
Important information in cases where there
is no risk of injury or material losses is
identified by the symbol shown on the left.
It is bordered by horizontal lines above and
below the text.
Additional symbols
a step in an action sequence
a reference to a related part in the
document or to other related documents
a list entry
a list entry (second level)
Table 1
Key to symbols and safety instructions | 3

Safety Instructions

If there is a smell of gas:
B Close the gas valve.
B Open windows.
B Do not operate any electrical appliances or switches
B Extinguish any naked flames.
B Phone the gas company or an authorized technician
from a safe distance.
If there is a smell of burnt gases:
B Disconnect the appliance.
B Open doors and windows.
B Inform an installation company.
Burn-back (fire in burner tube or chamber)
B In the event of a burn-back, where the flame burns
back to the injector, immediately turn off the gas
supply at the control valve on the panel.
B After ensuring the flame is extinguished, wait for one
minute and re-light the appliance in the normal
B Should the appliance again burn back, close the
control valve and call a service technician.
B Do not use the appliance again until the service
technician has declared that it is safe to do so.
Fitting, modifications
B The fitting and modification of the installation of the
appliance must be carried out only by an authorized
B The installation of the water heater may only be
carried out by a registered installer and that such
installations shall comply with the requirements of
SANS 10087-1.
B The pipes carrying burnt gases must not be modified.
B Do not close or reduce air circulation holes.
B We reccomend to have the system regularly serviced
in order to ensure that it functions reliably and safely.
B The installer is responsible for the safety and
environmental compatibility of the installation.
B The appliance should be serviced annually.
B Only original spare parts must be used.
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