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Installation (Must Be Carried Out Only By Qualified Technicians); Important Information; Selection Of The Place Of Installation - Bosch WR11B series Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

Gas instantaneous water heater
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Installation (must be carried out only by qualified technicians)

DANGER: Explosion!
B Always turn off the gas cock before
carrying out any work on components
which carry gas.
Installation, electrical connection, gas
installation, connection of inlet and exhaust
pipes and initial of the water heater may
only be carried out by a registered installer
and that such installations shall comply with
the requirements of SANS 10087-1.
The appliance can only be sold in the
countries mentioned in the type plate.

Important information

B Before installing, call the gas company and check the
standard relating to gas heaters and ventilation
requirements for rooms.
B Install a gas cut-off valve as close as possible to the
B After finishing the gas system, the pipes must be
thoroughly cleaned and leak-tested; to avoid
damaging the gas valve by excess pressure, this test
must be performed with the gas valve of the heater
B Check if the heater corresponds to the type of gas
B Check if the flow and pressure through the installed
reducer are appropriate for the consumption of the
heater (see technical data in the table 4).

Selection of the place of installation

Requirements regarding the place of installation
• Do not install the heater in rooms with a volume of
less than 8 m
(not including the volume of the
furniture providing this does not exceed 2 m
• Comply with the specific instructions for each
• Assemble the gas heater in a well-ventilated location
where it will not be exposed to temperatures below
zero and in a place where there is an evacuation pipe
for combustion gases.
• The gas heater must not be installed over a heat
Installation (must be carried out only by qualified technicians) | 13
• To avoid corrosion, the combustion air must be free
from harmful substances. Examples of particularly
corrosive substances: halogenated hydrocarbons
contained in solvents, paints, glues, engine gases and
various domestic detergents. If necessary, take
adequate measures.
• Respect the minimum installation clearances
indicated in Fig. 12.
• The heater must not be installed in locations where
the room temperature can reach 0 °C.
In case of a frost risk:
B Turn off the heater,
B Remove batteries,
B Purge the heater (see section 3.6).
L (m)
0 - 1
1 - 2
2 - 3
3 - 4
Fig. 12
Minimum clearances
Combustion gases
Make sure that all flue connections are
tighten sealed.
B Failure to follow this requirement may
• All gas heaters must be connected in a leak-roof
manner to a gas evacuation pipe of adequate
• The flue must:
– be vertical (reduced horizontal sections or no
horizontal sections at all)
h (cm)
cause dangerous exhaust gases to enter
living space which may result causing
personal injury or loss of life.
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