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Auto 3In1 - Siemens SF 65T350 Instructions For Use Manual

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Reduce costs!
If your dishes are only
moderately dirty, you may be
able to use less detergent than
Close the lid on the detergent
Press down the lid (1) until it clicks
shut (2).
If you are using detergent in tablet form,
read the manufacturer's
recommendations on the packaging in
order to
determine where the tablets should be
placed inside the dishwasher (e.g. in
cutlery basket, detergent compartment,
Make sure that the lid on the detergent
compartment is closed, even if you are
using tablets.
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auto 3in1

The use of so-called combined detergent
products may make the use of rinse aid
and/or salt unnecessary.
There are currently several types of
combined detergent products available.
3in1: They contain detergent, rinse aid
and salt function.
2in1: They contain detergent and rinse
aid or salt function.
>>> Always check the type of detergent
or combined product which you
are using!
Always follow the operating instructions
or the information on the packaging.
The rinse programme is automatically
adjusted in order to obtain the best
possible rinsing and drying result.
Observe the following important
information if using combined cleaning
Regeneration salt is not required up to
a water hardness of 21 dH (37 fH,
26 Clarke, 3.7 mmol/l) only. No other
settings on the appliance are required.
Salt is still required if the water
hardness is above 21 dH (37 fH,
26 Clarke, 3.7 mmol/l). Fill the salt
dispenser with salt
setting 6 on the water softening system.
If in doubt, please contact the detergent
manufacturer, especially if:
the utensils are very wet at the end
of the programme.
limescale forms.
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Table of Contents