Water Softener - Siemens SF 65T350 Instructions For Use Manual

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Water softener

In order to rinse dishes and glasses
satisfactorily, the dishwasher requires soft
water, i.e. containing little or no lime,
otherwise water stains will be left behind
on crockery and glasses, etc.
If the tap water exceeds a certain level of
hardness, it must be softened, i.e.
decalcified, so that it can be used in the
This is achieved by adding a special salt
to the water softener inside the
The water softener, that is the required
amount of salt, is set up according to how
hard the tap water is.
Setting up the water softener
Determine the level of hardness of your
tap water. Your local water company or
service agent can help you with this.
Identify setting from the following water
hardness table.
Water hardness table
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Press and hold the B programme
button, and set the main switch
ON, before releasing the programme
button again.
The indicator lamp for the B button
flashes, as does the figure
in the numerical display. The latter
represents the value that was pre-set in
the factory.
To change the setting:
Press the B programme button
Every time the button is pressed, the
figure increases by one. After reaching
, the display starts at
Set the main switch
new setting is stored in the appliance's
Approx. 4 litres of water are required for
regenerating the water softening system.
The overall water consumption per load
can therefore be increased by between 0
and a maximum of 4 litres according to the
water hardness setting.
to OFF. The


Table of Contents