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Cups And Glasses; Folding Spikes; Pots And Pans - Siemens SF 65T350 Instructions For Use Manual


Table of Contents

Cups and glasses

Upper basket
not included with all models

Pots and pans

Lower basket
Downloaded from Manuals
Cutlery should be placed in the
dishwasher always unsorted and with the
eating surface pointing downwards. The
spray jet is then better able to reach the
individual parts.
To prevent injuries, place long, pointed
accessories and knives on the étagère
(some models) or on the knife shelf
(available as an accessory).

Folding spikes *

* on applicable models
To improve stacking of pots and pans, the
spikes can be folded down.
Shelf *
* not on all models
Lean tall glasses and those with long
stems against the shelf – not against other
items to be washed.
Place glasses, cups and small bowls on
the additional cup rack. The additional cup
rack can be swivelled in or out as required.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents