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Filling The Special Salt Container - Siemens SF 65T350 Instructions For Use Manual


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Filling the special salt
How the salt works
While washing is taking place, salt is
automatically rinsed out of the salt
container into the water softener where it
dissolves the lime in the water.
The dissolved lime is pumped out of the
dishwasher. The water softening system is
then ready for the next load.
This process of regeneration can only
function when the salt is dissolved in
Unscrew the lid on the salt container
Before you use the dishwasher for the first
time, pour approx. 1 litre of water into the
salt container.
Use the enclosed salt filler.
Refill with salt (do not use edible salt)
until the salt dispenser is full (max. 1.5 kg).
When the salt dispenser is being refilled,
water is displaced and drains away.
Therefore always refill the salt dispenser
immediately before switching on the
dishwasher (to prevent corrosion). As a
result, the overflowing salt solution will be
immediately diluted and rinsed out. Then
remove salt residue from the filler area and
screw on the dispenser cover, ensuring
that it is not fitted askew.
not included with all models
Downloaded from Manuals
The LOW SALT indicator
panel will light up initially but will extinguish
again after a short period when the salt
solution has become sufficiently
When the control is set to
not necessary to fill up with salt
as none will be consumed while
the dishwasher is operating. The
LOW SALT indicator is switched
off. If the control is set between
added to the dispenser.
Do not pour detergent into the
container for special salt. This
would destroy the water
Salt refill indicator
As soon as the salt refill indicator
on the control panel, refill with salt
immediately before the next rinse cycle.
Depending on the washing frequency and
the hardness setting, the regeneration salt
may not have to be topped up for several
on the front
, then salt must be
, it is
is lit


Table of Contents

Table of Contents