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Voltage Selector Switch - Peavey DM 115 Operating Manual

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ground pin, a suitable grounding adapter should be used and the third wire should be grounded properly. To
prevent the risk of shock or fire hazard, always be sure that the mixer and all other associated equipment are
properly grounded.


The DM™115 has a voltage selector switch to allow switching between an input power voltage of 120VAC to a
range from 220VAC to 240VAC, all at either 50 or 60 cycles per second (Hz). It should be set to the proper volt-
age for your country out of the box. However, world conditions are such that some areas have power line voltag-
es differing from the voltage used by the majority of any given locale.
Be sure to check the position of the voltage selector switch to see that it matches the power line voltage used
locally. If it does not match, then to change the voltage to the correct one, follow the steps outlined below.
Changing the Voltage Range of the DM™115
First, make sure the DM™115 is disconnected from the power line, and that the power switch (4) is in the OFF
Second, unscrew the screws holding the clear switch protector on the voltage selector switch (3) just a little, just
enough to allow removal of the clear switch protector. The screws DO NOT need to be unscrewed very far.
Third, remove the clear plastic protector from the voltage selector switch.
Fourth, using a small flat blade screwdriver, push the red selector switch slide plate to the other side from where
it was. The voltage that is now visible on the red slide plate is the one you have selected.
Fifth, replace the clear plastic protector underneath the two loosened screws, and tighten one down while hold-
ing the clear plastic protector in place. Tighten the other screw down, and make sure both screws are tight.
If the screws are over-tightened, this could damage the voltage selector switch clear plastic cover, so do not apply
excessive force to the screws!
Sixth, the fuse should be changed to the correct amperage rating. For an input power voltage of 120VAC, use a
4 amp rated, 250V 5 x 20 mm cartridge type time-delay fuse, which conforms to the international fuse classifica-
tion "T4AH".
For an input power voltage range of from 220VAC to 240VAC, use a 2 amp rated, 250V 5 x 20 mm cartridge type
time-delay fuse, which conforms to the international fuse classification "T2AH".
The IEC power cord that is correct for your locale can now be plugged into the IEC receptacle (2), and the Power
switch (4) activated to turn on the powered DM™115 speaker system.

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