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Troubleshooting - Peavey DM 115 Operating Manual

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menu line.
If you select " Cancel ", then the menu will revert to the " Save Preset " option.
At that point, you can rotate the "Push-to-Select" knob and select another menu choice, or start the " Save Preset
" process over again.
You can save a Factory Preset without any changes, and just re-name it, but it must be saved in one of the User
Preset locations (11 thru 32). The Factory Presets in locations 01 through 10 are permanently saved at those
The saved preset is one of the Factory Presets with the added menu item changes on top of that original factory
preset, and what is saved is the current set of DSP parameters. These added menu item changes would include:
Delay, Polarity, Bass and Treble changes.
If no action is taken for approximately 16 to 25 seconds, then the model designator and number will display on
the top line, and the currently loaded preset on the second line. To access the menu items 1 through 6, you will
need to push the "Push-to-Select" knob in.
Note that if the changes to a Factory Preset are not saved using the full procedure as outlined in step 6, then even
though the DM™115 will retain the preset and changes for use with the next power-up, if ANY Preset is recalled,
then those settings that were in the unit at that time will be lost.
If the LCD menu locks up or otherwise becomes non-responsive, try waiting for about 30 seconds, and see if it
becomes responsive again. However, if it does not, then power the unit off, wait 10 seconds, and turn it back on
again to re-start the unit from scratch. This will reset the DSP menu.
Note that any actions taken to alter the menu settings for the Delay, Polarity, Bass or Treble before those changes
were properly saved will be lost, and you will need to start over again.


No Output at All
First, make sure the unit has AC power and is turned ON. Make sure the LED on the power amp module is
If not, make certain the ON/OFF switch (4) is in the ON position and check the IEC power cord connection (2)
by ensuring it is fully engaged and seated. Make certain the AC line cord is plugged into a working AC outlet.
Finally, check the fuse (1). (See the Rear Panel: FUSE section, for safety instructions.)
Once assured your unit is getting AC power, check that the DM™115 is getting a signal. Temporarily disconnect
the cable running to its inputs and connect it to some other device capable of reproducing the signal (i.e., a pow-
er amp and speaker). If this produces a signal, make sure that all Level controls being used have been turned up
to a satisfactory level (one-third to halfway).
If the DM™115 has been subjected to direct sunlight or excessive heat, the built-in thermal protection may have
been triggered. If so, turn off the DM™115 and let it cool for a sufficient amount of time.
If there is still no output, contact your authorized Peavey dealer or the Peavey International Service Center.
Hum or Buzz
If the DM™115 is producing a hum or buzz, this can be AC outlet related. Try plugging the DM™115 into a differ-

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