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Star SST-12 Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

Drawer roll/ bun warmer


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SST-45 & SST-45HC
Installation and
2M-Y5049 Rev. H 5/10/11



Summary of Contents for Star SST-12

  • Page 1 DRAWER ROLL/ BUN WARMER MODEL SST-12 SST-25 SST-45 & SST-45HC Installation and Operation Instructions 2M-Y5049 Rev. H 5/10/11 SST-25...
  • Page 2: Safety Symbol

    RETAIN THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE NOTICE Using any part other than genuine Star factory supplied parts relieves the manufacturer of all liability. Star reserves the right to change specifications and product design without notice. Such revisions do not entitle the buyer to corresponding changes, improvements, additions or replacements for previously purchased equipment.
  • Page 3: Installation

    CAUTION This equipment is designed and sold for commercial use only by personnel trained and experienced in its operation and is not sold for consumer use in and around the home nor for use directly by the general public in food service locations. For equipment to be used by the general public, please contact the factory. INSTALLATION This bun warmer is equipped for the voltage shown on the nameplate. It will operate on alternating current only, however, the correct voltage must be applied. CAUTION DO NOT CONNECT TO DIRECT CURRENT (DC). GENERAL OPERATING PROCEDURES When you turn knob to temperature required, pilot light will go on until temperature in warmer is reached, then pilot light will go off. The thermostat will automatically maintain proper temperature, using current as needed. To shut off current, turn knob to left. To keep rolls soft and fresh, turn knob to a low position. Higher settings should be used only for short periods. The thermostat holds the temperature to which it is set. Keep the drawers as full as possible. When adding new rolls to drawer, pull the rolls and buns that are left in drawer toward the front and use them first, giving time for new rolls to become heated. Do not heat the rolls more than once, as they will not be palatable if reheated. If they dry out, reduce temperature. CORD, PLUG AND GROUND INSTRUCTIONS For your protection, this appliance is equipped with a 3-conductor cord, with a grounding type plug. Connect only to a grounding receptacle.
  • Page 4 LIMITED EQUIPMENT WARRANTY All workmanship and material in Star products have a one () year limited warranty on parts & labor in the United States and Canada. Such warranty is limited to the original purchaser only and shall be effective from the date the equipment is placed in service. Star's obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair of defects without charge, by the factory authorized service agency or one of its sub-agencies.
  • Page 7: Parts List

    Fig No Part Number Description Application 2T-Y9113 THERMOSTAT 2T-Y9315 THERMOSTAT (240VE) (SST-12 = # B0001335 & ABOVE) 2R-Y9116 KNOB-THERMOSTAT (SST-25 = # 0011261 & ABOVE) (SST-45HC = # 45902118 & ABOVE) KNOB-THERMOSTAT (SST-12 = # B0001334 & BELOW)* 2R-Y5046 (SST-25 = # 0011260 & BELOW)* *Unless new thermostat has been (SST-45HC = # 45902117 &...
  • Page 8 SST-45 2M-Z0350 SST-12 2M-Z0098 LABEL - BUN WARMER SST-25 2M-Z0349 SST-45 2P-Z0315 BEARING-TRACK STAR INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS INC. COMPANY Star - Holman - Lang - Wells - Bloomfield - Toastmaster 10 Sunnen Drive, St. Louis, MO 63143 U.S.A. (314) 781-2777

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