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Operation; Cleaning; Recipes And Tips - Siemens MQ67...GB User Manual

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The appliance is suitable for blending
mayonnaise, sauces, mixed drinks, baby food,
cooked fruit and vegetables.
For puréeing soups.
Use the universal cutter for cutting/chopping
raw food (onions, garlic, herbs)!
It is recommended to use the supplied blender
jug. However, other suitable receptacles can
also be used.
^ í íÉ å í á ç å >
qÜ É = Ä ç í íç ã = ç Ñ = í Ü É = ê É Å É é
ã ì ëí= å ç í = Ü ~ î É = ~ å ó = Ä ì ã é ë= ç ê = ê É Å É ë ëÉ ë K
Before using the appliance for the first time,
clean all parts of it.
Completely unwind the power cord.
Place the blender foot on the base unit and
lock into position.
Insert the mains plug.
Place food in the blender jug or another tall
The appliance works better if there is some
liquid in the ingredients.
Set the required speed with the speed
control (Fig.
It is recommended to use a low speed setting
for liquids, hot food and for mixing (e.g. muesli
in yoghurt). The high speed settings are
recommended for the processing of more
solid foods.
Firmly hold the hand blender and jug.
Switch on the hand blender by pressing
the required On button.
When switching on the hand blender, hold
it at a slight angle to prevent it from "sticking"
to the bottom of the blender jug.
The hand blender remains switched on as
long as the On button is pressed.
To prevent the ingredients from splashing,
do not press the On button until the blender
foot has been immersed in the ingredients.
Always switch off the hand blender before
taking it out of the processed food.
Release the On button after processing.
After using the appliance:
Remove mains plug.
Press the release buttons and remove the
blender foot from the base unit.
í~ Å ä É = ï Ü á Å Ü = ó ç ì = ì ëÉ =


^ í íÉ å í á ç å >
kÉ î É ê = á ã ã É ê ëÉ = í Ü É = Ä ~ ë É = ì å á í = á å = ä á è ì á Ç ë = ~ å Ç = Ç ç =
å ç í = Å ä É ~ å = á å = í Ü É = Ç á ë Ü ï ~ ë Ü É ê K
aç = å ç í = ì ëÉ = ~ = ë íÉ ~ ã = Å ä É ~ å É ê >
aç = å ç í = ì ëÉ = ~ Ä ê ~ ë á î É = Å ä É ~ å á å Ö = ~ Ö É å í ëK =
pìêÑ ~ Å É ë = ã ~ ó = Ä É = Ç ~ ã ~ Ö É Ç K =
If processing e.g. red cabbage and carrots,
the plastic parts will become discoloured by
a red film which can be removed with a few
drops of cooking oil.
Pull out the mains plug!
Wipe the base unit with a damp cloth and
then wipe dry.
The blender jug can be cleaned in the
Clean the blender foot in the dishwasher or
with a brush under running water.
Dry the blender foot in an upright position
(blender blade face up) so that any trapped
water can run out.
kç í É W
^ é éä á ~ å Å É ë = ï á í Ü = ë éá ê ~ ä = Å ~ Ä ä É W =
kÉ î É ê = ï á å Ç = í Ü É = Å ~ Ä ä É = ~ ê ç ì å Ç = í Ü É = ~ é éä á ~ å Å É >

Recipes and tips

1 egg (egg yolk and egg white)
1 tbs. mustard
1 tbs. lemon juice or vinegar
200–250 ml oil
Salt, pepper to taste
Ingredients must be at the same temperature!
Put the ingredients in the jug.
Place hand blender at the bottom of the jug
and switch on (turbo speed) until the mixture
Slowly raise the switched on blender as far
as the upper edge of the mixture and lower
again until the mayonnaise is ready.
Tip: According to this recipe you can also make
mayonnaise with egg yolk only.
However, use only half the amount of oil.


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