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Disposal; Guarantee - Siemens MQ67...GB User Manual

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Vegetable soup
300 g potatoes
200 g carrots
1 small stick of celery
2 tomatoes
1 onion
50 g butter
2 l water
Salt, pepper to taste
Skin and seed the tomatoes.
Chop up cleaned and washed vegetables
and sauté in the hot butter.
Add water and salt.
Leave to cook for a good 20–25 min.
Take the pan off the cooker.
Purée the soup in the pan with the blender.
Season with salt and pepper.
Crêpes dough
250 ml milk
1 egg
100 g flour
25 g melted cooled butter
Put all ingredients in the jug in the indicated
sequence and blend to a smooth dough.
Blended milk drinks
1 glass of milk
6 large strawberries
10 raspberries or
1 banana (sliced)
Put the ingredients in the jug and blend.
Add sugar to taste.
For a milk shake add a scoop of ice cream or
use very cold milk.


This appliance has been identified
in accordance with the European
directive 2012/19/EG on Waste
Electrical and Electronic Equipment –
The Directive paves the way for effective
EU-wide withdrawal and utilization of waste
Please ask your dealer or inquire at your local
authority about current means of disposal.


The guarantee conditions for this appliance
are as defined by our representative in the
country in which it is sold.
Details regarding these conditions can
be obtained from the dealer from whom
the appliance was purchased.
The bill of sale or receipt must be produced
when making any claim under the terms of this
Subject to alterations.


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