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Overview; Operation - Siemens MQ64 SERIES Instruction Manual

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, Safety instructions for this appliance
Risk of injury
Electric shock risk
Do not use the hand blender with damp hands and do not operate it at no
load. Do not immerse the appliance in liquid above the blender foot-base
unit connection point.
Never immerse the base unit in liquids and do not clean in the dishwasher.
Caution when processing hot liquids. Liquids may splash during
Never place blender foot on hot surfaces or use in very hot food. Leave hot
food to cool down to at least 80 °C before processing with the blender!
Operate the hand blender with original accessories only.
Do not attach or remove tools until the appliance is at a standstill.
Recommendation: Never switch on the appliance for longer as you need
to processing the ingredients.
Risk of injury from sharp blades/rotating drive!
Never grip the blade in the blender foot.
Never clean the blades with bare hands. Use a brush.
These operating instructions refer to various
models. An overview of the different models can
be found on the illustrated pages (Fig.


Please fold out the illustrated pages.
1 Base unit
2 Power cord
3 ON button
a Normal speed
b Turbo speed
The hand blender remains switched on as
long as the On button (a or b) is pressed.
4 Release buttons
To remove the blender foot, simultaneously
press both release buttons.
5 Blender foot
Plastic or metal (depending on model).
Attach the blender foot and lock into
6 Blender blade
7 Blender jug
Using the blender jug will prevent the
ingredients from splashing.
8 Universal cutter
A universal cutter can be ordered from customer
service (order no. 657248).
With the universal cutter use the appliance at full
power to prepare honey spread (according to
the recipe). You can find the recipe in the
instructions for use of the universal cutter.


The appliance is suitable for blending
mayonnaise, sauces, mixed drinks, baby food,
cooked fruit and vegetables.
For puréeing soups.
Use the universal cutter for cutting/chopping
raw food (onions, garlic, herbs)!
It is recommended to use the supplied blender
jug. However, other suitable receptacles can
also be used.
Before using the appliance for the first time,
clean all parts of it.
Completely unwind the power cord.
Place the blender foot on the base unit and
lock into position.
Insert the mains plug.
Place food in the blender jug or another tall


Table of Contents

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