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Sony SAL1870 Service Manual page 47

Lens for dslr camera
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4-6-2. Zoom Brush Position Adjustment and Pattern Check
• Personal Computer (PC)
• Camera DSLR-A100
• USB Cord With Connector
• Lens Adjustment Program
Note: Lens Adjustment Program is downloadable from the ESI homepage.
• Zoom Barrel Holder Jig
Note: For details of the jig making method, refer to "4-1-1. List of Service Tools and Equipments".
1. Preparations
1) Attach the zoom barrel holder jig to the checking lens and assemble the lens.
2. Zoom Brush Position Adjustment
1) Set the zoom position to Tele end.
2) Remove the polyester tape (black) 10mm as shown in Fig. 4-6-5.
Zoom Brush
Perform the "4-6-1. Zoom Brush Position Check", and adjust the zoom brush position until the OK (Green) indicator of "Position"
Fig. 4-6-6
4) Fix the zoom brush with the polyester tape (black) 10mm as shown in Fig. 4-6-5.
SAL1870 (3.5-5.6/18-70) (DT 18-70mm F3.5-5.6)
Polyester Tape (Black) 10mm
Fig. 4-6-5

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