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Quality Warranty And Coverage; Circuit Block Diagram; Software Version - King-Meter SW-LCD User Manual

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9、 Quality Warranty and Coverage
We are not responsible for the scratched or broken shell
after the products are delivered out of the factory.
We don't repair scratched or broken lead wires.
The LCD display function warranty: 24 months from the
delivery time of the display out of the factory.
10、Circuit Block Diagram
Red: 24V/36V; Blue: lock wire; Black: GND; Green/ Yellow:
RX / TX wire.
Due to the use of the waterproof connector of part products,
users cannot see the leads color of the internal wiring.
11、Software Version
This operating instruction is a general-purpose software
(version V2.0). Some of the version of the e-bike LCD may
have slightly difference, all with actual use version.

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