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Use Of Optional Remote Control Accessory (Part No. Tstat2); Operation; Reset Button - Bosch C 1210 ES/ESC Manual

Natural gas liquefied petroleum gas indoor residential and commercial models
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34 | Operation instructions
Setting the water temperature
The desired temperature of the hot water can be adjusted on the front
control panel of the heater.
The water heater has an electronically controlled gas valve that
modulates the burner input in response to both varying hot water flow
rates and/or changes in any incoming and outgoing water temperatures.
Note: The water heater, running at minimum BTU, may still achieve
temperatures above the desired set temperature. Low flowing fixtures
are the leading cause of this type of temperature overshoot. To combat
this symptom, clean fixtures or replace with higher flowing ones if
Saving water resources:
▶ Make sure you close all the taps after any use. Avoid leaving the taps
dripping. Repair any leaking tap.
▶ Define the temperature you want, in the appliance or with the remote
control. This way you have the precise water flow needed (mixing cold
water to regulate temperature will increase the water flow with
consequent waste of water).
Solar mode
The water heater will not ignite if inlet water temperature exceeds the set
point temperature - 9 °F (5 °C). In this condition, the solar mode
indicator will show on the LCD display. See fig. 53, page 33.
Solar mode activation formula
Temp. inlet > Temp. set - 9 °F (5 °C)
Table 31
▶ In applications where inlet water temperature can
exceed 140°F (60ºC), a thermostatic or mixing valve
must be installed before the appliance to prevent
water exceeding 140°F (60°C) from entering the
Fig. 57
6 720 644 887 (2013/02)
104 °F (40 °C) > 112 °F (44 °C) - 9 °F
(5 °C)
Use of optional remote control accessory (part no.
Fig. 58 Remote control
The wireless remote control accessory (Fig.83, component 13) and the
temperature selector buttons on the front of the water heater operate
identically. Contact your distributor to order the remote control
accessory. Modification of the water heaters interior control unit
(Fig.83, component 16) is required when installing the remote control
with this heater.
NOTE: up to 6 remote controls can be programmed for
one single water heater, each with a range distance of 98
ft (30 m).


▶ When a hot water tap is opened, main burner ignites and LCD displays
Fig. 59
▶ LCD flashes until selected temperature is reached.
▶ Power bar indicates power percentage in use.

Reset button

If the LCD shows the error symbol
the heater. Follow instructions below to reset error first.
Record the error code on LCD and consult "Problem solving" chapter
9.1, page 43.
Fig. 60
do not shut off power or unplug
C 1210 ES/ESC



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