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Setting The Alarm Clock; Using Several Handsets; Registering Handsets - Siemens Gigaset A580 User Manual

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Setting the alarm clock

Precondition: The date and time have
already been set (
Activating/deactivating the alarm
Alarm Clock
(‰ = on)
After you activate the alarm clock, the
menu for setting the wake-up time opens
automatically (
page 33).
If the alarm clock is set, the wake-up time
appears with the ¼ icon in the display
instead of the date.
Setting the wake-up time
Alarm Clock
Enter the wake-up time in
hours and minutes, then press
When the alarm clock rings...
Alarm repeat after 5 minutes
Press the display key or any
If you press
three times, the alarm
clock switches off for 24 hours.
Turning off the alarm clock for 24 hours
Press the display key.
page 11).
Wake up time

Using several handsets

Registering handsets

You can register up to four handsets on
your base station.
Please note
Each additional handset must be regis-
tered on the base station in order for it
to work properly!
For how to register your handset automat-
page 9.
If automatic registration does not work,
you will have to register the handset man-
Manual registration of Gigaset A58H to
Gigaset A580
You must activate manual registration of
the handset on both the handset and the
base station.
Once it has been registered, the handset
returns to idle status. The handset's inter-
nal number is shown in the display, e.g.
1. If it does not appear, repeat the pro-
On the handset
Register Handset
Enter the system PIN of the
base station (the default is
0000) and press
On the base station
Within 60 sec., press and hold the regis-
tration/paging key on the base station
(page 1) (approx. 3 sec.).
Setting the alarm clock
Handset is
flashes on the dis-


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