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Siemens Gigaset A580 User Giude

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Gigaset A580 - A585
Issued by
Gigaset Communications GmbH
Schlavenhorst 66, D-46395 Bocholt
Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG
© Gigaset Communications GmbH 2008
All rights reserved.
Subject to availability. Rights of modifications reserved.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Gigaset A580 - A585 Issued by Gigaset Communications GmbH Schlavenhorst 66, D-46395 Bocholt Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG © Gigaset Communications GmbH 2008 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modifications reserved. Gigaset
  • Page 2: The Handset At A Glance

    The handset at a glance The handset at a glance Access to calls and message lists; Flashes: new message or new call 5 End call key, On/Off key End call, cancel function, go back one menu level (press briefly), back to idle status (press and hold), activate/deactivate handset (press and hold in idle status) 6 Hash key...
  • Page 3: The Base Station At A Glance

    If the LED flashes although the answer machine is switched off, it means that there is still at least one new message that has not been played back yet. Gigaset A580 base station 1 Registration/paging key: Press briefly: Search for handsets (paging), ¢...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents The handset at a glance ........1 The base station at a glance .
  • Page 5 Contents Operating the answer machine of the Gigaset A585 base station ....... 35 Operation via the handset .
  • Page 6 Contents Environment ......... . 51 Appendix .
  • Page 7: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions Safety precautions Warning Read the safety precautions and the user guide before use. Explain their contents and the potential hazards associated with using the telephone to your children. Only use the mains adapter supplied, as indicated on the underside of the base station or charging cradle.
  • Page 8: First Steps

    First steps First steps Check the package contents one Gigaset A580/A585 base station, one mains adapter, one Gigaset A58H handset, one phone cord, two batteries, one battery cover, one user guide. If you have purchased a model with multiple handsets the package...
  • Page 9: Setting Up The Base Station And Charging Cradle (If Included)

    First steps Setting up the base station and charging cradle (if included) The base station and charging cradle are designed for use in enclosed dry rooms with a temperature range of +5 °C to +45 °C. ¤ Set up the base station and charging cradles at a central location on a flat, non-slip surface in your house or apartment.
  • Page 10: Connecting The Charging Cradle (If Included)

    First steps Connecting the charging cradle (if included) ¤ Connect the flat plug of the mains adapter 1. ¤ Plug the mains adapter into the plug socket 2. If you need to disconnect the plug from the charging cradle, press the release button and disconnect the plug 2.
  • Page 11: Setting Up The Handset For Use

    For example, the batteries could explode. The phone could also malfunction or be damaged as a result of using batteries that are not of the recommended type. * Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark licensee of Siemens AG. ¤ Insert the batter- ies the right way round.
  • Page 12 First steps Placing the handset in the base station and registering Before you can use the phone, you must first register the handset to the base station. ¤ Place handset Place the handset with the display into base facing up in the base station. Menu The handset registers automatically.
  • Page 13 First steps Initial charging and discharging of batteries The correct charge level can only be displayed if the batteries are first fully charged and discharged. ¤ Place the handset in the base station or charging cradle for ten hours. ¤ Then remove the handset from the base station or 10 h...
  • Page 14 First steps Setting the date and time Set the date and time so that the correct date and time can be assigned to incoming calls, and so that the alarm can be used. Þ Menu ¤ Press the key below on the §Menu§...
  • Page 15 First steps ¤ The active line is marked [...]. Enter Date: Enter day, month and year as an 8-digit number via the handset, e.g. Q [01.10.2008] Q2QQN for 01/10/08. Ç If you want to correct an entry, press the top or bottom of the control key to toggle between fields.
  • Page 16 First steps Display in idle status Once the phone is registered and the time Ð set, the idle display is shown as in this exam- ple. If the answer machine is activated, the answer machine icon × will also be dis- Þ...
  • Page 17: What Would You Like To Do Next

    First steps What would you like to do next? Now you have successfully started your Gigaset you will probably want to adapt it to your personal requirements. Use the following guide to quickly locate the most important subjects. If you are unfamiliar with menu-driven devices such as other Gigaset tele- phones you should first read the section entitled "Using the phone"...
  • Page 18: Using The Phone

    Using the phone Using the phone Control key In the following description the side of the control key you need to press for each operation is indicated accordingly, e.g. t for "press the top of the control key". The control key has a number of different functions: When the handset is in idle status Open the directory.
  • Page 19: Keys On The Keypad

    Using the phone Keys on the keypad c / Q / * etc. Press the matching key on the handset. Enter digits or letters. Correcting incorrect entries You can correct incorrect characters in the text by navigating to the incorrect entry using the control key.
  • Page 20: Activating/Deactivating The Handset

    Using the phone Activating/deactivating the handset With the phone in idle status, press and hold the end call key (con- firmation tone) to switch off the handset. Press and hold the end call key again to switch the handset on. Activating/deactivating the keypad lock The keypad lock prevents any inadvertent use of the phone.
  • Page 21: Illustration Of Operating Steps In The User Guide

    Using the phone Illustration of operating steps in the user guide The operating steps are shown in abbreviated form. Example: The illustration: ‰ ¢ ¢ ¢ = on) Settings Handset Auto Answer §Menu§ means: Þ Menu ¤ Press the display key §Menu§...
  • Page 22: Menu Tree

    Menu tree Menu tree Instead of scrolling to locate a menu function, you can select a function more quickly by opening the menu and keying in a digit combination (or shortcut). M 2 2 for "Set ringer tone volume". Example: §Menu§...
  • Page 23 Menu tree Settings ¢ 7-1 Date/Time page 13 ¢ 7-2 Audio Settings 7-2-1 Call Volume page 44 ¢ 7-2-2 Ringer Volume page 44 ¢ 7-2-3 Ringer Melody page 45 ¢ 7-2-4 Advisory Tones page 45 ¢ 7-2-5 Battery Low page 45 ¢...
  • Page 24: Making Calls

    Making calls Making calls To deactivate the ringer tone, press the display key and select Silent. You can §Menu§ take the call as long as it is displayed on the screen. Making an external call Calling Line Identification External calls are calls using the public tel- ephone network.
  • Page 25: Handsfree Talking

    Making calls Handsfree talking In handsfree mode, instead of holding the handset to your ear you can put it down, for example on the table in front of you. This allows others to participate in the call. Activating/deactivating handsfree mode Activating while dialling Enter the number and press the handsfree key.
  • Page 26: Using The Directory And Lists

    Using the directory and lists Using the directory and lists Storing a number in the directory ¢ ¢ New Entry §Menu§ The options are: Enter the number and press Directory §OK§ Last number redial list Enter the name and press §OK§...
  • Page 27 Using the directory and lists Using other functions Enter the internal number of the receiving handset and Press the display key. §Menu§ press §OK§ The following functions can be selected with q: Successful transmission is acknowledged with the message . You can Entry copied.
  • Page 28: Last Number Redial List

    Using the directory and lists The message key f will flash as soon as Last number redial list a new entry is received in a list (switches off when the key is pressed). The message The last number redial list contains the ten You have new messages appears in the dis- numbers last dialled with the handset...
  • Page 29 Using the directory and lists The calls list is displayed as follows: List entry Example of a list entry: Calls List: New Call 01/02 Ç 02+03 1234567890 Ç 01.10.08 12:14 Menu 1 Number of new entries 2 Number of old, read entries Status of entry Setting the call history type ¢...
  • Page 30: Making Cost-Effective Calls

    Making cost-effective calls Making cost-effective calls Press the display key. §OK§ The entry is saved. Press and hold (idle status). Automatic network provider Save or change entries in the code (preselection) preselection lists Each of the two lists can contain 11 You can specify a call-by-call number entries, each with 4 digits.
  • Page 31: Displaying The Call Duration

    Making cost-effective calls Displaying the call duration The duration of a call is displayed during the conversation, until about three seconds after the call has ended if you do not replace the handset in the base station or charging cradle. Please note The actual duration of the call can vary from that shown by a few seconds.
  • Page 32: Sms (Text Messages)

    SMS (text messages) SMS (text messages) Writing/sending an SMS ¢ ¢ Write Message §Menu§ Your phone is supplied ready for sending Write an SMS. For how to enter SMS messages immediately. ¢ text, page 54. ¢ Preconditions: Send Text §Menu§ Calling Line Identification is enabled for Select and press §OK§...
  • Page 33: Receiving An Sms

    SMS (text messages) Reading or deleting individual SMS SMS messages that could not be sent due to an error. messages ¤ Open the draft message list. New SMS messages are signalled on all Gigaset C45 handsets by a message in the Select SMS.
  • Page 34: Setting Sms Centres

    SMS (text messages) Setting SMS centres Deleting the incoming message list All new and old SMS messages in the list are deleted. ¤ Entering/changing SMS centres Open the incoming message list. ¤ ¢ You should find out about the services Delete List §Menu§...
  • Page 35: Activating/Deactivating Sms Function

    SMS (text messages) When you send SMS messages, your sender number may be sent without You cannot send messages. your extension number. In this case the 1. You have not requested the CLIP service recipient cannot reply to you directly. (Calling Line Identification Presentation).
  • Page 36: Operating The Answer Machine Of The Gigaset A585 Base Station

    Operating the answer machine of the Gigaset A585 base station Operating the answer Recording your own announcement ¢ ¢ Voice Mail Announcements machine of the §Menu§ ¢ Record Announcement Gigaset A585 base station Press the display key to start §OK§ the recording.
  • Page 37 Operating the answer machine of the Gigaset A585 base station s or 3 Deleting announcements Skip to the next message. ¢ ¢ Press twice to skip to the next Voice Mail Announcements § § Menu ¢ but one message. Delete Announcement If playback is interrupted for over a Press the display key to §OK§...
  • Page 38: Activating/Deactivating Call Screening

    Operating the answer machine of the Gigaset A585 base station Activating/deactivating call Setting the recording time screening You can set the maximum recording time of a message. During recording of a message you can The options are: Minute, Minutes, screen calls via the loudspeaker of the or Unlimited.
  • Page 39: Operating When On The Move (Remote Operation)

    Operating the answer machine of the Gigaset A585 base station Operating when on the move Activating the answer machine ¤ (remote operation) Phone home and let the phone ring until you hear: "Please enter PIN". You can check and activate your answer Enter system PIN.
  • Page 40: Using The Network Mailbox

    With fast access, you can dial the network mailbox or the integrated answer machine (Gigaset A585 only) directly. Gigaset A580: Fast access is set for the network mailbox. You only need to enter the number of the network mailbox. Gigaset A585: The integrated answer machine is set for fast access.
  • Page 41: Eco Dect

    ECO DECT ECO DECT Status displays Display icon You are helping to protect the environ- Reception strength: ment with your Gigaset A580/A585. Ð i Ñ Ò – good to low |(flashes) Reduced energy consumption – no reception ¼ Eco Mode+ enabled...
  • Page 42: Setting The Alarm Clock

    Alarm Clock Wake up time §Menu§ Manual registration of Gigaset A58H to Enter the wake-up time in Gigaset A580/A585 hours and minutes, then press §OK§ You must activate manual registration of the handset on both the handset and the When the alarm clock rings…...
  • Page 43: De-Registering Handsets

    Using several handsets Making internal calls Registering other handsets You can register other Gigaset handsets Internal calls to other handsets registered and handsets for other devices with GAP on the same base station are free. functionality as follows. Calling other handsets On the handset ¤...
  • Page 44: Listening In To An External Call (Conference)

    Handset settings Answering a waiting call This does not affect the connection between the other internal participants If you receive an external call during an and the external caller. internal call, you will hear the call waiting tone (short tone). The caller's number will Handset settings appear in the display if phone number identification is enabled.
  • Page 45: Setting The Display

    Handset settings Setting the display Adjusting the volume via the menu ¢ ¢ Settings Audio Settings §Menu§ ¢ ¢ You can display a digital clock when the Call Volume Earpiece Volume handset is in idle status. Handsfree Volume ¢ ¢ ¢...
  • Page 46: Advisory Tones

    Handset settings Setting the ringer melody Battery low beep: the battery requires charging. Set different ringer melodies for external You cannot deactivate the confirmation calls, internal calls and the alarm clock. ¢ ¢ tone for placing the handset in the base Settings Audio Settings §Menu§...
  • Page 47: Base Station Settings

    Base station settings ¢ ¢ ¢ Base station settings Settings Base Audio Settings §Menu§ ¢ Ringer Volume Ringer Melody For how to adjust the settings, ¢ The base station settings are carried out page 44. using a registered Gigaset A58H handset. Repeater support Protecting against unauthorised access...
  • Page 48 Base station settings Resetting the base station via the menu ¢ ¢ ¢ Settings Base Base Reset §Menu§ Press the display key to §OK§ confirm. Resetting the base station using a key on the base station ¤ Disconnect the power cord from the base station.
  • Page 49: Connecting The Phone To A Pabx

    Connecting the phone to a PABX Connecting the phone to a Setting pauses PABX Changing pause after line seizure The following settings are only necessary You can change the length of pause that is when your PABX requires them; see the inserted between pressing the talk key c and sending the number.
  • Page 50: Service (Customer Care)

    Service (Customer Care) Service (Customer Care) Base " " flashes in the display. The handset is outside the range of the base station. We offer you support that is fast and tai- ¥ Move the handset closer to the base lored to your specific needs! station.
  • Page 51: Authorisation

    Service (Customer Care) Guarantee Certificate You hear an error tone (descending tone sequence) when inputting. United Kingdom Action has failed/invalid input. ¥ Repeat the operation. Without prejudice to any claim the user Watch the display and refer to the user (customer) may have in relation to the guide if necessary.
  • Page 52: Environment

    Environment Environment This Guarantee shall apply to new devices purchased in the European Union. For Products sold in the United Kingdom the Guarantee is issued by: Our environmental mission statement Gigaset Communications GmbH, Schla- venhorst 66, D-46395 Bocholt, Ger- We at Gigaset Communications GmbH many.
  • Page 53: Appendix

    Appendix Appendix Disposal Batteries should not be disposed of in gen- eral household waste. Observe the local Care waste disposal regulations, details of which can be obtained from your local authority or the dealer you purchased the Wipe the base station, charging cradle and product from.
  • Page 54: General Specifications

    Appendix We recommend the following battery Base station power consumption types, because these are the only ones that guarantee the specified operating In standby condition times, full functionality and long service approx. 1.3 W – Handset in charging cradle life: –...
  • Page 55: Writing And Editing Text

    Appendix Writing and editing text Setting upper/lower case or digits Press the hash key # briefly to switch The following rules apply when writing from "Abc" mode to "123" and from "123" text: to "abc" and from "abc" to "Abc" (upper Use t s to move the cursor to the right case: 1st letter upper case, all others lower case).
  • Page 56: Accessories

    Accessories Accessories Gigaset handsets Upgrade your Gigaset to a cordless PABX: Gigaset C38H handset Illuminated graphical colour display (65k colours) Illuminated keypad Handsfree talking Polyphonic ringer tones Directory for around 150 entries SMS (precondition: CLIP must be enabled) Headset socket Gigaset A58H handset Illuminated graphic display...
  • Page 57 Accessories Gigaset C47H handset Illuminated graphical colour display (65k colours) Illuminated keypad Handsfree talking Polyphonic ringer tones Directory for around 150 entries SMS (precondition: CLIP must be enabled) Headset socket Room monitor Gigaset S67H/S68H handset Illuminated graphical colour display (65k colours) Illuminated keypad Handsfree talking Polyphonic ringer tones...
  • Page 58 Accessories Gigaset SL56 handset Illuminated graphical colour display (65k colours) Illuminated keypad Handsfree talking Polyphonic ringer tones Directory for around 250 entries Picture CLIP SMS (precondition: CLIP must be enabled) Voice dialling PC interface. e.g. for managing directory entries, ringer tones and screensavers Headset socket Bluetooth...
  • Page 59: Mounting The Base Station To The Wall

    Mounting the base station to the wall Mounting the base station to the wall A580: 40 mm A585: 46 mm approx. 2.5 mm Mounting the charging cradle to the wall 21 mm approx. 2.5 mm...
  • Page 60: Index

    Index Index recommended batteries ..warning tone ....Call Access protection ....accepting .
  • Page 61 Index Deactivating Earpiece mode ....advisory tones Earpiece volume ....
  • Page 62 Index Hash key ....Hearing aids ....Last number redial .
  • Page 63 Index Reception booster, see Repeater Recording time (answer machine) . . . Network provider preselection, Registering (handset) ... . automatic ....Remote operation .
  • Page 64 Index Talk key ..... Telephone jack, pin connections ..Telephone system setting pauses ....Text message, see SMS Touch tone dialling .

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