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Siemens Gigaset AL140 User Manual

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Gigaset AL140/AL145
Please note:
New messages in the calls list/
answer machine (network mail-
box) list (page 5) are indicated
by a flashing icon in the display.
1 Charge status of
the battery pack
2 Internal number of
the handset
3 Display keys
4 Message key
5 Directory key
6 Control key
7 Talk key
8 End call and
On/Off key
9 Ringer on/off
(press and hold in
idle status)
10 Keypad lock on/off
(press and hold)
11 Recall key
- Confer (flash)
- Dialling pause
(press and hold)
12 Microphone
13 Alarm clock key

Safety precautions

Read this user guide and the safety precautions
carefully before use. Explain their contents and
the potential hazards associated with using the
telephone to your children.
Only use the mains unit supplied.
Only use the approved, rechargeable battery
pack, never a conventional (non-rechargeable)
battery pack, as this could result in significant
health risks and personal injury.
Batteries should not be disposed of in general
household waste. Observe the local waste dis-
posal regulations, which you can find out about
by contacting your local authority or the dealer
you purchased the product from.

Gigaset service contact numbers:

For personal advice on our range of products and for repairs or guarantee/warranty claims call:
Service Centre UK:
Please have your proof of purchase ready when calling.
08453 6708 12
(local call cost charge)
Base station
Registration/paging key (page 6)
Display keys:
Pressing the keys launches whichever function
that appears above them in the display.
The operation of medical appliances may be
affected. Be aware of the technical conditions in
your particular environment, e.g. doctor's sur-
Do not hold the rear of the handset to your ear
when it is ringing. Otherwise you risk serious
and permanent damage to your hearing.
The handset may cause an unpleasant hum-
ming noise in hearing aids.
Do not install the phone in a bathroom or
shower room. The handset and base station are
not splashproof.
Do not use your phone in environments with a
potential explosion hazard, e.g. paint shops.
Function when pressed
Call all registered handsets.
Open main/submenu (see Menu
tree, page 11).
Go back one menu level.
Scroll up/down or adjust volume
Move cursor to left/right with
Backspace deletes one character
at a time.
Confirm menu function or save



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  Summary of Contents for Siemens Gigaset AL140

  • Page 1: Safety Precautions

    Gigaset AL140/AL145 Base station Handset Please note: New messages in the calls list/ answer machine (network mail- box) list (page 5) are indicated by a flashing icon in the display. 1 Charge status of the battery pack 2 Internal number of 11.12.
  • Page 2: Setting Up The Telephone For Use

    * Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark Your handset also reduces the transmission power licensee of Siemens AG. depending on the distance to the base station. ◆ Insert the plug into the socket as shown in the Setting up the telephone for use enlarged view.
  • Page 3: Making Calls

    Charging the battery pack To charge the battery pack, leave the handset in the base station for approx. 7 hours. The battery pack is now fully charged. The charge status of the battery pack is only correctly displayed after unin- terrupted charging/discharging.
  • Page 4: Using The Directory And Lists

    2 The caller has asked the network provider for The following functions can be selected with his number to be identified (CLI). ® Store new number. New Entry appears in the display if you have not requested Calling Line Identification, Withheld Display the phone number.
  • Page 5: Calls List/ Answer Machine (Network Mailbox) List

    Additional functions for devices with You can select the following settings: answer machines (as in the directory, page 4) Use Number Copy an entry to the directory Copy to Dir. Answer machine list (as in the directory, page 4) Delete Entry You can use the answer machine list to listen to the messages that are on the answer machine.
  • Page 6: Registering Additional Handsets

    For automatic registration of handsets to Gigaset AL140/AL145, see page 3. Stop playback: Press again to resume. Manual registration of handsets to Gigaset AL140/ Go to the start of the current message. AL145 ¢ 1. On the handset: To the previous message.
  • Page 7: Using Several Handsets

    Locating a handset ("paging") Internal listening in You want to listen in to an existing external call. You can locate your handset using the base sta- Press and hold the talk key . You are linked into tion. the call. All participants hear a signal tone. ◆...
  • Page 8: Restoring The Base Station To The Factory Settings

    ¢ I I O 1 4 Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark The number for the current MENU licensee of Siemens AG pause length flashes: 1 = 800 ms; 2 = 1600 ms; ¢ ¢ © Gigaset Communications GmbH 2008...
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting

    Questions and answers Base station power consumption AL140 AL145 If you have any questions about using your phone, In standby mode visit us at at any – Handset in charging cradle approx. approx. 1.0 W 1.2 W time. The table below contains a list of common –...
  • Page 10: Service (Customer Care)

    Service (Customer Care) be valid for six months from the date of pur- chase. ◆ This Guarantee shall be invalid if the device We offer you support that is fast and tailored to defect is attributable to improper treatment your specific needs! and/or failure to comply with information con- Our Online Support on the Internet can be reached tained in the user guides.
  • Page 11: Menu Tree

    Menu tree Your phone has an extensive range of features. To return to idle status: press and hold key These are offered in the form of menus. There are two ways in which you can access a func- tion: With the phone in idle status, press (open MENU ◆...
  • Page 12 Voice Mail Set Key 1 4-1-1 Netw. Mailbx Assign key with answer machine or network mailbox (in idle (all devices) status, press and hold to dial). Netw. Mailbx: your network provider's answer machine; must be requested separately. The network mailbox can be displayed if your network provider supports this function and if key been assigned with the network mailbox.

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