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Assembly Instructions - Honeywell QUIETSET HY-254 Series Owner's Manual

Whole room tower fan
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A. Pedestal Assembly
• L ine up the left and right pedestal assembly and firmly snap
together (Fig. 1).
B. Base Assembly
• A lign the two portions of the circular base and snap together by
gently pushing the 4 extrusions (Fig. 2, Item A) into the adjacent
circles of the connecting piece (Fig. 2, Item B).
C. Securing the Pedestal to the Base
• A lign the 3 screw holes on bottom of pedestal with the 3 holes
in the base such that the power cord holder is at the rear of the
unit . (Fig. 3)
• S ecure the base assembly to the pedestal by inserting and
tightening the 3 screws in the 3 holes located on the bottom
of the base (Fig. 4).
D. Securing the Tower Fan to the Pedestal
• C arefully turn the fan on its side and place on a table. Place
the power cord through the center of the pedestal and base
• A lign the pedestal with the tower fan so that the one locking
screw hole on the pedestal body is aligned with the rear of
the tower fan unit. Firmly hold the base steady and rotate
the pedestal assembly clockwise to lock the tower fan to the
pedestal assembly (Fig. 5).
• S ecure the pedestal to the tower fan by inserting and tightening
1 screw in the opening located near the top rear of the pedestal
assembly (Fig. 6).
E. Securing the Cord to the Base
• W ith the fan still on its side, locate the cord holding bracket on
the bottom of the base.
• G ently pull any slack out of the power cord, place the power
cord securely in the holding bracket and secure the power cord
bracket over the power cord (Fig. 7).
• R eturn the tower fan to its upright position.
Note: Do not operate the tower fan unless it is in its proper,
upright position.
Fig. 1
Pedestal Assembly
Fig. 2
Base Assembly
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
Fig. 5
Fig. 6
Fig. 7



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