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Hy-280 Series Remote Control Operation - Honeywell QUIETSET HY-254 Series Owner's Manual

Whole room tower fan
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A. Press and hold the Temperature Control
Button to enter temperature mode.
B. C urrent room temperature is displayed for
3 seconds, then display begins to flash at
1 second intervals. If temperature is not
selected, unit will revert back to "speed
mode" after 10 seconds.
C. P ress the temperature button repeatedly
to increase the temperature by one degree
intervals starting from room temperature.
You will have to cycle through 90° to get back
to the 60° point. (This is the minimum.)
For Canada, the temperature cycle range
is 15°C to 30°C.
D. O nce the desired temperature is selected, the fan will revert back to room
temperature display.
Note: The fan speed will adjust automatically to achieve the desired temperature. The
fan will stop if the room temperature drops below setpoint and will turn on again if the
room temperature climbs above setpoint.
• If the user hits the "Power" button, this will override all functions and the unit will
shut "OFF". The temperature setting will be cleared.
• If the Timer button is selected, the temperature will not be affected. The chosen
temperature will remain in effect and the room temperature will continue to be
displayed. Timer will function with or without Temperature Mode.
Note: If user hits the "speed" button this will also override temperature mode. If the
oscillation button is selected, the Temperature Mode will not be affected.


Press the Power button ( ) once to turn the fan on. Press the
Power button a second time to turn the fan off.
Speed Control
The fan will automatically start on "Sleep" speed when initially
turned on. To adjust the speed up or down, press the Fan
Speed button ( ) repeatedly to increase level.
To activate the Oscillation feature, press the Oscillation button
( ) once.
Press the Oscillation button again to turn the Oscillation feature off.
Model HY-280



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