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Honeywell HYF260W Series Owner's Manual

Honeywell HYF260W Series Owner's Manual


Owner's Manual
When using electrical appliances, basic
precautions should always be followed to
reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and
injury to persons, including the following:
FOR US MODELS ONLY – This product
employs overload protection (fuse). A blown
fuse indicates an overload or short-circuit
situation. If the fuse blows, unplug the
product from the outlet. Replace the fuse
as per the user servicing instructions (follow
product marking for proper fuse rating)
and check the product. If the replacement
fuse blows, a short-circuit may be present
and the product should be discarded or
returned to an authorized service facility for
examination and/or repair.
Use this fan only as described in this
manual. Other use not recommended as
it may cause fire, electric shock or injury
to persons.
This product is intended for household
use ONLY and not for commercial,
industrial or outdoor use.
To protect against electric shock, do not
place fan in window, immerse unit, plug
or cord in water or spray with liquids.
Honeywell is a trademark of Honeywell International Inc., used under license by Helen of Troy Limited.
Honeywell International Inc. makes no representation or warranties with respect to this product.
QuietSet is a registered trademark owned by Helen of Troy Limited.
HYF260W Series
HYF260B Series
HYF290B Series
This appliance has a polarized plug (one
blade is wider than the other). To reduce
the risk of shock, this plug is intended to
fit only one way in a polarized outlet. If the
plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse
the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a
qualified electrician. DO NOT attempt to
defeat this safety feature.
Close supervision is necessary when any
appliance is used by or near children.
Turn the fan OFF and unplug the fan from
the outlet when not in use, when moving
the fan from one location to another and
before cleaning.
To disconnect the fan, first turn the unit
OFF, grip the plug and pull it from the wall
outlet. Never pull the plug by the cord.
Do not use an extension cord with this fan.
Do not operate the fan in the presence of
explosive and/or flammable fumes.
10. Do not place the fan or any parts near
an open flame, cooking or other heating
11. Do not operate the fan with a
damaged cord or plug or if the product
malfunctions, is dropped or damaged
in any manner (see warranty).
12. Avoid contact with moving fan parts.
13. The use of attachments not
recommended by the manufacturer
may be hazardous.
14. Place the fan on a dry level surface.
15. Do not hang or mount fan on a wall
or ceiling.
16. Do not operate if the fan housing is


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  • Page 1 Honeywell is a trademark of Honeywell International Inc., used under license by Helen of Troy Limited. Honeywell International Inc. makes no representation or warranties with respect to this product. QuietSet is a registered trademark owned by Helen of Troy Limited.
  • Page 2 17. A loose fit between the AC outlet 19. Do not run fan cord under carpeting. Do ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS (receptacle) and plug may cause not cover cord with throw rugs, runners, overheating and a distortion of the plug. or similar coverings. Do not route cord A.
  • Page 3 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS HYF260 SERIES REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION REMOTE CONTROL BATTERY INSTALLATION/REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS ON/OFF Press the Power button ( ) once to turn the fan on. Press A. Remove battery door by sliding downward in direction of arrow (Fig. 8). Fig. 8 the Power button a second time to turn the fan off.
  • Page 4 HYF290 SERIES NIGHTTIME LIGHT DIMMING FEATURE CONSUMER RELATIONS Each time the fan is powered on ( ) the control panel light will be set at Call us toll-free at: 1-800-477-0457 Mail questions or comments to: Kaz USA, Inc. E-mail: 100% brightness.
  • Page 5 été échappé ou endommagé d’une façon quelconque (voyez la garantie). Honeywell est une marque de commerce de Honeywell International Inc., utilisée sous licence par Helen of Troy Limited. Honeywell International Inc. n’effectue aucune représentation ou garantie relativement à ce produit.
  • Page 6 12. Évitez tout contact avec les pièces mobiles. l’autorisation de le renvoyer à INSTRUCTIONS DE MONTAGE Kaz USA, Inc. pour le faire vérifier et 13. L’emploi d’accessoires non recommandés par réparer au besoin. le fabricant peut se révéler dangereux. A. ASSEMBLAGE DE LA BASE 19.
  • Page 7 INSTRUCTIONS DE MONTAGE EMPLOI DE LA TÉLÉCOMMANDE DE LA SÉRIE HYF260 MISE EN PLACE DES PILES DE LA TÉLÉCOMMANDE/INSTRUCTIONS MARCHE ET ARRÊT DE REMPLACEMENT Fig. 8 Pressez la touche d’alimentation ( ) une fois pour mettre le ventilateur en marche, une deuxième fois pour l’éteindre. A.
  • Page 8 SÉRIE HYF290 FONCTION DE VARIATEUR D’ÉCLAIRAGE DE NUIT SERVICE À LA CLIENTÈLE Chaque fois que le ventilateur est mis en marche ( ) le voyant du panneau de commande est Envoyez vos questions ou commentaires à : réglé à 100 % d’intensité. Kaz USA, Inc.
  • Page 9 Honeywell es una marca registrada de Honeywell International Inc., utilizada bajo licencia por Helen of Troy Limited. Honeywell International Inc. no hace ninguna representación o garantía con respecto a este producto. QuietSet es una marca registrada propiedad de Helen of Troy Limited.
  • Page 10 13. El uso de accesorios no recomendados donde fue comprado, o solicite una INSTRUCCIONES DE MONTAJE por el fabricante puede ser peligroso. autorización de devolución y regrese 14. Coloque el ventilador en una superficie a Kaz USA, Inc. para revisión y/o A.
  • Page 11 INSTRUCCIONES DE MONTAJE OPERACIÓN CONTROL REMOTO SERIES HYF260 INSTALACIÓN DE BATERÍAS DEL CONTROL REMOTO/ Fig. 9 ENCENDIDO/APAGADO INSTRUCCIONES DE REEMPLAZO Presione el botón de Encendido ( ) una vez para encender el ventilador. Presione el botón de Encendido una segunda vez para A.
  • Page 12 CARACTERÍSTICA DE ATENUACIÓN DE LUZ NOCTURNA SERIES HYF290 SERVICIO AL CONSUMIDOR Cada vez que el ventilador esté encendido ( ) la luz del panel de control se establecerá en el 100% Correos electrónicos, preguntas o comentarios a: de brillo. Kaz USA, Inc. Llame lada gratuita al: 1-800-477-0457 Elija entre los 5 ajustes para su preferencia de iluminación del panel de control: Consumer Relations Dept.
  • Page 13 1 AÑO DE GARANTIA LIMITADA Primero debe leer todas las instrucciones C. Esta garantía no cubre daños por intentos de antes de intentar usar este producto. reparación no autorizados, o por cualquier otro uso que no esté de acuerdo con el manual de A.
  • Page 14 CREATIVE DEPARTMENT ARTWORK SPECIFICATIONS Brand: Honeywell Category: Fans HYF260 HYF290 Model: Artwork Part #: 31IM2629190R0 Die Line Part #: Oracle Desc. : OM, HYF260/290 SERIES, ENG/SP/FR, 2015 Owners Manual Subject: Region: US Flat Size: IN: W 11 x H 8 MM: W50 x H24.5...

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