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Description Of Function & Circuit Of Micom - Kenmore 795.65002.402 Service Manual


Table of Contents
8-1-1 Function
1. When the appliance is plugged in, it is set to "4" for Refrigerator and "4" for freezer.
You can adjust the Refrigerator and the Freezer control temperature by pressing the ADJUST button.
2. When the power is initially applied or restored after a power failure, it is automatically set to "4" & "4".
8-1-2 Control of freezer fan motor
1. Freezer fan motor has high and standard RPMs
2. High RPM is used when electricity is first on, for ultra ice, and when refrigerator is overloaded,
but standard RPM is ised for general purposes.
3. To improve cooling speed and load corresponding speed, the RPM of freezer fan motor shall change from normal speed
to high speed.
4. High speed (2500RPM) : Initial power on or load corresponding operation, ultra ice normal speed (2200RPM):
General working conditions.
5.The fan motor is stopped when Refrigerator door is opened.
6. The fan motor is stopped when freezer door is opened (only if comperessor status is OFF)
1. The purpose of this function is to intensify the cooling speed of freezer and to increase the amount of ice.
2. Whenever selection switch is pressed, selection/release, the LED will turn ON or OFF .
3. If there is a power cut and the refrigerator is power on again, ULTRA ICE function will be canceled.
4. T o activate these function you need to press the ULTRA ICE key and the LED will turn ON. This function will remain
activated for 24 hrs. The first three hours the compressor and Freezer Fan will be ON. The next 21hours the freezer will
be controlled at the lowest temperature. After 24 hours or if the ultra ice key is pressed again, the freezer will
return to its previous temperature.
5. For the first three hours notice the following cases:
(1) Compressor and freezer fan(HIGH RPM) continuously operate for three hours.
(2) If defrost starts during ULTRA ICE, ULTRA ICE operates for the rest of time after defrost is
completed, when ULTRA ICE operation time is less than 90 minutes.
If ULTRA ICE operates for more than 90minutes, the ULTRA ICE will operate for two hours after
defrost is completed.
(3) If ULTRA ICE is pressed during defrost, ULTRA ICE LED is on but this function will start seven
minutes after defrost is completed and it shall operate for three hours.
(4) If ULTRA ICE is selected within seven minutes after compressor has stopped, the compressor (compressor
delays seven minutes) shall start after the balance of the delay time.
(5) The fan motor in the freezer compartment rotates at high speed during ULTRA ICE.
6. For the rest of 21 hours, the freezer will be controlled at the lowest temperature.
1. T o protect the risk of lamp heat, when Refrigerator door opens for 7 min., refrigerator lamp is auto off.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents