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Table of Contents
7-2-1 Start Position
1. After POWER OFF or Power Outage, check the EJECTOR's position with MICOM initialization to restart.
2. How to check if it is in place:
- Check HIGH/LOW signals from HALL SENSOR in MICOM PIN.
3. Control Method to check if it is in place:
(1) EJECTOR is in place,
- It is an initialized control, so the mode can be changed to icemaking control.
(2) EJECTOR isn't in place:
A. If EJECTOR is back in place within 2 minutes with the motor on, it is being initialized. If not, go to Step B.
B. If EJECTOR is back in place within 18 minutes after the heater turns from ON to OFF, it is being initialized. If not, it is
not functioning. Repeat Step B with Heater and Motor off.
7-2-2 Icemaking Mode
1. Icemaking refers to the freezing of supplied water in the ice trays. Complete freezing is assured by measuring the
temperature of the Tray with Icemaking SENSOR.
2. Icemaking starts after completion of the water fill operation.
3. The Icemaking function is completed when the sensor reaches -7°C, 60 to 240 minutes after starting.
4. If the temperature sensor is defective, the ice-making function will be completed in 4 hours.
NOTE :After icemaker power is ON, the icemaker heater will be on for test for 9 seconds.
7-2-3 Harvest Mode
1. Harvest (Ice removing) refers to the operation of dropping cubes into the ice bin from the tray when icemaking has
2. Harvest mode:
(1) The heater is ON for 30 seconds, then the motor starts.
(2) After performing Step 1 (the heater is turned OFF), the ejector will be back in place wthin 18 minutes. (Hall sensor
sign = OV). Ice removal is then complete. Then the icemaker cycles to the fill mode. The water supply fails to start, it
is not functioning. Put the heater and motor in the off position. Restart every 2 hours. (Refer to figure1)
NOTE :If the motor malfunctions and starts before the detect lever rises, MICOM regards the Ice-Removing phase as
completed. Water then starts flowing. To prevent this, MICOM doesn't switch to water-supply mode, but restarts the ice-
removing mode. If this happens 3 times, the motor is malfunctioning and you should stop the loads (heater, motor). Then
restart the Ice-Removing mode every 2 hours. (See Step 2 above.)
30 sec.
Hall IC
10 sec.
Figure1. Harvest mode Process
Icemaking sensor temperature is 10ºC or more
Maximum 18 minutes
After detect LEVER rises
- 18 -
2 ms
Ice removing
completion point

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents