Makita 2414NB Instruction Manual

Portable cut-off
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Portable Cut-Off
IMPORTANT: Read Before Using.


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  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Portable Cut-Off 2414NB 006184 DOUBLE INSULATION IMPORTANT: Read Before Using.
  • Page 2: Specifications

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) SPECIFICATIONS Model 2414NB Wheel diameter 355 mm Hole diameter 25.4 mm No load speed (min 3,800 Dimensions (L x W x H) 500 mm x 280 mm x 600 mm Net weight 17.7 kg Safety class • Due to our continuing program of research and development, the specifications herein are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 3: Additional Safety Rules For Tool

    Dress properly. conditions that may affect its operation. A guard or Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery, they can other part that is damaged should be properly be caught in moving parts. Rubber gloves and repaired or replaced by an authorized service non-skid footwear recommended...
  • Page 4: Installation

    14. Use the cutting edge of the wheel only. Never INSTALLATION use side surface. 15. If the wheel stops during the operation, makes Securing cut-off an odd noise or begins to vibrate, switch off the tool immediately. 1. Base 16. Always switch off and wait for the wheel to 2.
  • Page 5 Spark guard Setting for desired cutting angle 1. Screw 1. Socket wrench 2. Spark guard 2. Guide plate 3. Hex bolts 003756 003760 The spark guard is factory-installed with its lower edge To change the cutting angle, follow the procedure below: contacting the base.
  • Page 6: Securing Workpiece

    1. Spacer block 1. O-ring 2. Inner flange 3. Ring 4. Spindle 5. Cut-off wheel 6. Outer flange 7. Hex bolt 003762 003764 When cutting workpieces over 65 mm wide at an angle, CAUTION: attach a straight piece of wood (spacer) over 190 mm Be sure to tighten the hex bolt securely.
  • Page 7: Operation

    Carrying tool OPERATION Hold the handle firmly. Switch on the tool and wait until the wheel attains full speed before lowering gently into the cut. When the wheel contacts the workpiece, gradually bear down on the handle to perform the cut. When the cut is completed, switch off the tool and WAIT UNTIL THE WHEEL HAS COME TO A COMPLETE STOP before returning the handle to the fully elevated...
  • Page 8: Optional Accessories

    Only use accessory or attachment for its stated purpose. If you need any assistance for more details regarding these accessories, ask your local Makita Service Center. Abrasive cut-off wheels • Socket wrench 17 • NOTE: Some items in the list may be included in the tool •...
  • Page 12 Makita Corporation Anjo, Aichi, Japan 884151D079...

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