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Sharp DW-D20A Operation Manual page 4

Dehumidifier sharp dw-d20a
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In order to prevent electric leakage and injury, and protect your household goods
Power Plug, Power Cord
Always hold the power plug. when unplugging the unit.
(Otherwise, fire, electric shock, short circuit may be caused.)
If you are planning not to use the unit for a long time, unplug the power plug from
outlet for safety.
(Otherwise, electric shock, electric leakage or fire may be caused.)
During Usage
Do not knock down or drop the main unit.
Do not store or move with the main unit down on its side
(Otherwise, equipment damage or malfunction such as water/electric leakage
may be caused.)
Do not use the unit in a tight enclosed space such as closet or in between furniture.
Do not block the air outlet or air intake.
(otherwise, air flow will be obstructed, resulting in overheating or ignition.)
Do not use the product in a place where it can easily get wet or in the bathroom.
Do not wash the product directly with water.
Do not place an object with water such as a vase on top of the main unit.
For indoor use only. Do not use the unit under direct sunlight or in any
location exposed to rain and wind.
Do not leave the unit where oil or flammable gas may leak.
(Otherwise, electric shock, over-heating, electric leakage or fire may be caused.)
Do not use on a high place such as on the table.
(When the main unit falls, injury may be caused.)
Do not sit on or lean on to the product.
(Otherwise, injury may be caused from moving or falling.)
Do not use the drained water for drinking or feeding.
(Otherwise, health problems may be caused.)
Do not expose the air from this product directly to heating appliances.
(Otherwise, incomplete combustion of heating may be caused.)
Do not use for storage/special purpose for artworks or academic materials.
(Otherwise, quality degradation of stored materials may be caused.)
Do not use for long hours in a room with people.
Heat will generate during "(QUICK AUTO/ECO AUTO/CONTINUOUS) laundry
drying"/ "dehumidifying". Increased room temperature and dryness may cause
health problems.
Look out when the following type of people is in the room.
(Baby, children, elderly, person who cannot operate this product.)
Be sure to follow...
Always have plenty of room around the main unit.
(Poor ventilation may cause over-heating, fire, malfunction.)
Upper 50cm or more
Front 50cm or more
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (include children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience
and knowledge,unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
Lift up the main unit and move on easily scratched floors like tatami,
rough places and thick carpets.
Do not drag the casters to change the direction of the main unit.
(Otherwise, floor surface or carpet may be damaged.)
Before moving the main unit, always stop the operation and dispose the
water in the water tank.
Operate the unit only on level, stable surfaces.
Check for bent hose/falling height when conducting continuous drainage
and place the hose where it will securely drain.
(Inner water may leak in the room and dampen the furniture or may cause
electric shock/leakage, fire.)
When using drain hose, make sure the surrounding environment will not
fall below freezing point.
Be sure to clean the product, floor and surroundings when using the
product in a same place for a long period of time.
If there is a noise in TV/radio or radio clock does not display the correct time, move the product
away as far as possible.
(Otherwise, radio disturbance may be caused.)
Behind 20cm or more
Sides 20cm or more

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