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Troubleshooting - DeLonghi Portable air conditioner User Manual

Delonghi portable air conditioner user manual
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The air conditioner does not come on
The air conditioner works for a short
time only
The air conditioner works, but does not
cool the room
During operation, there is an unpleasant
smell in the room
The air conditioner does not operate for
about three minutes after restarting it
The symbol
and one of the
following messages: HL/PF
it is not plugged into the outlet
there is no current
the internal safety device has tripped
there are bends or kinks in the air
exhaust hose
something is preventing the air from
being discharged
windows, doors and/or curtains open
there are heat sources in the room (oven,
hairdryer, etc
the air exhaust hose is detached from
the appliance
dust filters clogged
the technical specification of the
appliance is not adequate for the room
in which it is located.
dust filter and electrostatic filter clogged clean the filters as described above
prevents the appliance from being
restarted until three minutes have
elapsed since it was last turned off
the appliance has a self diagnosis system
to identify a number of malfunctions.
plug into the outlet
call the Service Center
position the air hose correctly, keeping it
as short and free of curves as possible to
avoid bottleneck
check and remove any obstacles
obstructing air discharge
close doors, windows and curtains,
bearing in mind the " TIPS FOR CORRECT
USE" given above
eliminate the heat sources
fit the air exhaust hose in the housing at
the back of the appliance (fig. 1).
clean or replace the filters as described
wait. This delay is part of normal
see the SELF-DIAGNOSIS chapter

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