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Air Conditioning Without Installation; Introduction; Description; Use - DeLonghi Portable air conditioner User Manual

Delonghi portable air conditioner user manual
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Thank you for choosing a De'Longhi product. Please take a few
moments to read the instructions to avoid risks or damage to the


Description of the appliance (see page 3 - A)
A1 air outlet grille
A2 control panel
A3 handles
A4 castor wheels
A5 BioSilver filter
A6 air intake grille
A7 air exhaust hose housing
A8 air intake grille
A9 power cable
A10 drainage hose with 2 caps
A11 remote control signal receiver
A12 remote control compartment
Descrizione of the accessories (see page 3 - B)
B1 wall flange with cap
B2 air exhaust hose
B3 hose adaptor
B4 accessory for wall mounting
B5 window bracket with pins
B6 additional window bracket
B7 window outlet
B8 remote control
B9 end of season dust cover
B10 end of season accessories bag
Electrical connection
Before plugging the appliance into the outlet, check that:
The outlet's power supply corresponds to the value indi-
cated on the rating label on the back of the appliance;
The outlet and electrical circuit are adequate for the appli-
The outlet is a 3-hole grounded outlet
the case, you must choose another outlet. Failure to follow
these important safety instructions absolves the manufac-
turer of all liability.
If it becomes necessary, the power cable must be re-
placed by a qualified professional only.
The instructions below will enable you to prepare your air con-
ditioner for operation as efficiently as possible. Before use, make
sure the air intake and outlet grilles are unobstructed.



For optimal results set-up in a double-hung window:
1) Place the bracket in the window sill, extend the bracket
fully within the window frame, fix the bracket by using the
pin then lower the window onto the bracket. (Should the
window bracket be too large for the window. The plastic
can be cut with a saw by a qualified professional.)
2) Screw the hose adaptor B3 to the hose's end B2.
3) Fit the air exhaust hose in the housing at the back of the
appliance. Insert it as shown in figure 1.
4) Connect the window outlet B7 to the other end of the ex-
haust hose.
5) Insert the window outlet end of the exhaust hose into the
slot of the window bracket (fig. 2).
. If this is not
Other set-up methods:
Thanks to the locking pins, it's possible to use the window
bracket also for sliding windows. Position the hole of the
bracket so to allow a correct installation of the exhaust hose
(see figure 3).

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