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Unloading The Dishwasher; Care And Cleaning; Cleaning The Filters - Electrolux FAVORIT 88421 I User Manual


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Unloading the dishwasher

2. Open the dishwasher's door, leave it ajar and wait a few minutes before removing the
dishes; in this way they will be cooler and the drying will be improved.
Unloading the dishwasher
• Hot dishes are sensitive to knocks.
The dishes should therefore be allowed to cool down before removing from the appliance.
• Empty the lower basket first and then the upper one; this will avoid water dripping from
the upper basket onto the dishes in the lower one.
• Water may appear on the sides and the door of the dishwasher as the stainless steel will
eventually become cooler than the dishes.
When the washing programme has finished, it is recommended that the dishwasher is
unplugged and the water tap turned off.

Care and cleaning

Cleaning the filters

The filters must be checked and cleaned from time to time. Dirty filters will degrade the
washing result.
Before cleaning the filters ensure that the machine is switched off.
1. Open the door, remove the lower basket.
2. The dishwasher filter system comprises a
coarse filter ( A ), a microfilter ( B ) and a
flat filter. Unlock the filter system using
the handle on the microfilter.
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