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Interrupt A Washing Programme In Progress; End Of The Washing Programme - Electrolux FAVORIT 88421 I User Manual

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4. The opening of the door will interrupt the countdown. Close the door; the countdown
will continue from the point at which it was interrupted.
5. Once the delay start has elapsed the programme will start automatically.
The selection of the washing programme and delay start can also occur with the door closed.
Keep in mind that in this way, once a washing programme button is pressed you have
ONLY 3 seconds in which you can choose another programme or select a delay start, after
which the selected programme will start automatically.
Interrupt or cancel a washing programme in progress ONLY if it's absolutely nec-
essary. Attention! Hot steam may escape when the door is opened. Open the door
Cancelling a delay start or a washing programme in progress
• Press the RESET button until all the programme lights will illuminate.
• Cancelling a delay start involves also the cancelling of the washing programme set. In
this case you have to set the washing programme again.
• If a new washing programme is to be selected, check that there is detergent in the
detergent dispenser.

Interrupt a washing programme in progress

• Open the dishwasher door; the programme will stop. Close the door; the programme will
start from the point at which it was interrupted.
• Press the On/Off button, all lights will turn off. Press the On/Off button again; the pro-
gramme will start from the point at which it was interrupted.

End of the washing programme

• The dishwasher will automatically stop and an audible signal informs you of the end of
the washing programme.
• The light of the programme just ended will remain on.
• In the digital display appears a zero.
The dishwasher's drying system is provided with a device that allows air to circulate inside
the dishwasher to prevent residual steam recondensing on the dishes as water droplets.
Once the washing programme has ended this device operates intermittently for other
20 minutes, as long as the dishwasher is switched on.
If the On/Off button is pressed or the door is opened during these 20 minutes, the device
will be automatically cancelled.
1. Switch off the dishwasher by pressing the On/Off button.
It is recommended to switch off the appliance once the washing programme has ended. If
this is not done, automatically after about 3 minutes from the end of the programme, all
indicator lights will go off. The digital display shows 1 horizontal bar.
This will help to reduce the consumption of energy when you forget or for any reason
cannot switch the appliance off once the programme has ended.
Press any button (except On/Off) and the control panel will show the same situation (in-
dicator lights and digital display) as when the programme ended.
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Table of Contents

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