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Cleaning The Spray Arms; External Cleaning; Internal Cleaning - Electrolux FAVORIT 88421 I User Manual

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3. Turn the handle about 1/4 a turn anti-
clockwise and remove the filter system.
4. Take hold of the coarse filter ( A ) by the
handle with the hole and remove from the
microfilter ( B ).
5. Clean all filters thoroughly under running
6. Remove the flat filter from the base of the
washing compartment and clean both
faces thoroughly.
7. Put the flat filter back in the base of the
washing compartment and ensure that it
fits perfectly.
8. Place the coarse filter ( A ) in the micro-
filter ( B ) and press together.
9. Put the filter combination in place and
lock by turning the handle clockwise to
the stop. During this process ensure that
the flat filter does not protrude above the
base of the washing compartment.
NEVER use the dishwasher without filters. Incorrect repositioning and fitting of the filters
will produce poor washing results and may result in damage to the appliance.

Cleaning the spray arms

NEVER try to remove the spray arms.
If residues of soil have clogged the holes in the spray arms, remove them with a cocktail

External cleaning

Clean the external surfaces of the machine and control panel with a damp soft cloth. If
necessary use only neutral detergents. Never use abrasive products, scouring pads or solvent
(acetone, trichloroethylene etc....).

Internal cleaning

Ensure that the seals around the door, the detergent and rinse aid dispensers are cleaned
regularly with a damp cloth.
We recommend every 3 months to run the wash programme for heavy soiled dishes using
detergent but without dishes.
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Table of Contents

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