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Chapter 3 Notes; Eternus Dx Setup Notes; Notes Regarding The Number Of Luns; Lan Environment Notes - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Configuration Manual

Server connection, (iscsi) for hp-ux
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Chapter 3
Note the following issues when connecting the ETERNUS DX to a server.

ETERNUS DX Setup Notes

Be sure to set the sub system parameters.

Notes Regarding the Number of LUNs

When using PV-Links, no more than 128 LUNs should be visible on any given path. If more than 128 LUNs
are found in one path, assignment of unique Target IDs and Disk IDs will not be possible and desired behav-
ior will not be observed in this environment. This is because the PV-Links function assumes that if devices on
different paths have the same Target ID and Disk ID, then they must connect to the same LUN.
The maximum number of unique Target IDs and Disk IDs for the device is 128.

LAN Environment Notes

The ETERNUS DX can be connected to a server via an existing LAN. However, a decrease in LAN perform-
ance may be observed by prior users of said LAN.
Since an iSCSI LAN handles large amounts of data (traffic volumes) like an FC-SAN, the iSCSI LAN must have
its own switch and be a dedicated LAN that is separate from the business LANs.
iSCSI LAN redundancy is achieved by the use of multipaths.
For IP network security, separate the iSCSI LAN from the management LAN (for administration).
The iSCSI LAN must be configured as a dedicated LAN for each path from a server to the ETERNUS DX.
FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX Configuration Guide -Server Connection- (iSCSI) for HP-UX
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