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Enabling Alua (Alua_Enabled) - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Configuration Manual

Server connection, (iscsi) for hp-ux
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Chapter 8
Setting the Multipaths
Multipath Configuration using Native Multipath

Enabling ALUA (alua_enabled)

ALUA is supported by HP-UX11iv3 Sep 2007 ver. or later.
If the OS supporting ALUA is used, check the "alua_enabled" setting and set it to "true" if it is not.
Check whether the OS supports ALUA.
To check whether the OS supports ALUA, use the "scsimgr" command and check existence of the
"alua_enabled" attribute.
Example of OS supporting ALUA
# scsimgr get_attr | grep alua_enabled
name = alua_enabled
If executing the command displays nothing, the OS does not support ALUA. In this case, the operations
described below are not required.
Check the "alua_enabled" setting.
Use the "scsimgr" command to check the "alua_enabled" attribute for each LUN.
Execute the command for all LUNs in the ETERNUS DX.
Example for checking the "alua_enabled" setting
# scsimgr get_attr -D /dev/rdisk/disk25 -a alua_enabled
name = alua_enabled
current = true
default = true
saved = true
If "current" and "saved" are indicated as "true", ALUA is already enabled. In this case, the operations
described below are not required.
Set "alua_enabled".
Use the "scsimgr" command to set the "alua_enabled" attribute to "true" for each LUN.
Example for setting "alua_enabled"
# scsimgr save_attr -D /dev/rdisk/disk25 -a alua_enabled=true
Value of attribute alua_enabled saved successfully
FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX Configuration Guide -Server Connection- (iSCSI) for HP-UX
SCSI ATTRIBUTES FOR LUN : /dev/rdisk/disk25
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