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Server Settings When Bidirectional Chap Authentication Is Used - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Configuration Manual

Server connection, (iscsi) for hp-ux
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Chapter 6
Installing the iSCSI Software Initiator and Setting Up the Server
Setting Up the Server
Set CHAP Secret.
A CHAP Secret must be set for each target set in
CHAP Secret set here must match the CHAP Secret that is to be set for Target.
Use the "iscsiutil" command to set the CHAP Secret.
# iscsiutil [iscsi-device-file] -u -W <chap-initiator-secret>
To set "mychapsecret" as the CHAP Secret for a specific target (
# iscsiutil -u -W mychapsecret -I

Server Settings when Bidirectional CHAP Authentication is Used

The following items are required for bidirectional CHAP authentication and must be set:
NAS Hostname
CHAP Secret
RADIUS Server Hostname
iradd activation
Set the parameters relating to the NAS (Network Access Server) and RADIUS server.
Use the "iscsiutil" command to set the NAS Hostname, NAS Secret, and RADIUS Server Hostname:
# iscsiutil [iscsi-device-file] -u -R <nas-hostname>
Description of the NAS and RADIUS parameters:
Setting item
<nas-hostname >
<nas-secret >
<radius-server-hostname >
Activate the daemon (iradd) that communicates with the RADIUS server.
# iradd
FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX Configuration Guide -Server Connection- (iSCSI) for HP-UX
[-T <target-name> [-I <ip-address>] [-P <tcp-port>]
[-M <portal-grp-tag>]]
<nas-secret> <radius-server-hostname>
Specify the IP address or hostname of the Network Access Server (NAS). This
is the server that is to connect to the ETERNUS DX via the iSCSI interface. The
specified IP address or hostname must be for a LAN card that is able to com-
municate with the RADIUS server.
Set the NAS secret already set in the RADIUS server.
Specify the IP address or hostname of the RADIUS server.
Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED
Step 4
"6.2.3 iSCSI Basic Settings" (page
17). The



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