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Lvm Notes; Server Startup And Power Supply Control Notes; Jumbo Frame Setting Notes - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Configuration Manual

Server connection, (iscsi) for hp-ux
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Chapter 3

LVM Notes

LVM Notes
A mirrored LVM configuration using ETERNUS DX storage systems' LUNs is not recommended.
[Bad Block Relocation] attribute must be disabled on LVM Logical volume which resides on ETERNUS DX
storage systems.
# lvchange -r N /dev/vg01/lvol_name
Execute this command for all logical volumes created on ETERNUS DX storage systems' LUNs to disable
[Bad Block Relocation]. If [Bad Block Relocation] is not disabled, file system may be damaged.
Raw device access to an LVM logical volume must use an I/O block size that is a multiple of 1024bytes.

Server Startup and Power Supply Control Notes

Before turning the server on, check that the ETERNUS DX storage systems and LAN switches are all "Ready". If
the server is turned on and they are not "Ready", the server will not be able to recognize the ETERNUS DX
storage systems.
Also, when the ETERNUS DX power supply is being controlled by a connected server, make sure that the
ETERNUS DX does not shut down before the connected servers. Similarly, the LAN switches must also be
turned off after the connected servers have been shut down. Similarly, the LAN switches must also be turned
off after the connected servers have been shut down. If turned off, data writes from the running server can-
not be saved to the ETERNUS DX storage systems, and already saved data may also be affected.

Jumbo Frame Setting Notes

To enable Jumbo Frame, all the connected devices must support Jumbo Frame. Set the appropriate values
for various parameters (such as the MTU size) on each connected device.
For details about how to set Jumbo Frame for a LAN card and LAN switch, refer to the OS and each device's
manuals. Rebooting the server may be required to apply the new settings.
The MTU size that is supported by the ETERNUS DX is 9,000 bytes.
FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX Configuration Guide -Server Connection- (iSCSI) for HP-UX
Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED



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