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Maximum Number Of Volume Group Settings; Iscsi Basic Settings - Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Configuration Manual

Server connection, (iscsi) for hp-ux
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Chapter 6
Installing the iSCSI Software Initiator and Setting Up the Server
Setting Up the Server
For HP-UX11iv2
Set the command queue depth using the kernel parameter "scsi_max_qdepth".
The "scsi_max_qdepth" is set using System Administration Manager (SAM). When the command queue
depth is set using SAM, all SCSI devices are affected.
When changing the command queue depth of a particular SCSI device, the "scsictl" command is used. How-
ever, because the information set by the "scsictl" command becomes invalid when the server is shut down,
it is necessary to carry out setting every time the server is activated. For details about the "scsictl" com-
mand, refer to the HP-UX manual.

Maximum Number of Volume Group Settings

For HP-UX11iv3, this setting is not required.
Set the kernel parameter maxvgs that limits the number of volume groups. Default value is 10.
If 11 or more volume groups are to be created, maxvgs will need to be changed. Kernel parameter maxvgs is
set using System Administration Manager (SAM).
One volume group is created for OS installation area.
If 10 (default) is set for maxvgs, up to 9 new volume groups can be created.

iSCSI Basic Settings

The following items are required for the iSCSI connection and must be set:
iSCSI Initiator name
iSCSI connection target information
Authentication Method
Set the shell environment variable PATH.
Add the location of the iSCSI Software Initiator executable files to the PATH environment variable.
# PATH=$PATH:/opt/iscsi/bin
Set the iSCSI Initiator name.
This setting is not required if the default iSCSI Initiator name is to be used. Either the iSCSI Qualified
Name (iqn) or IEEE EUI-64 (eui) format may be used.
To set the iSCSI Initiator name, execute the "iscsiutil" command as follows:
# iscsiutil [iscsi-device-file] -i -N <initiator-name>
FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX Configuration Guide -Server Connection- (iSCSI) for HP-UX
Copyright 2014 FUJITSU LIMITED



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