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Charging; Key Functions - NEC Electra Elite IPK II User Manual

Nec wireless dect handset user’s guide
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3. Charging

It takes approximately 3 1/2 hours to charge the handset from fully discharged to its full capacity. Place the hand-
set in the charger. The display shows the charging status in line 3. For correct charging the room temperature has
to be between 0°C and 25°C and therefore the handset must not be placed in direct sunshine. The battery has a
built-in heat sensor which will stop the charging if the battery temperature is too high.
It is necessary to recharge the battery when the display shows "BATTERY LOW", or if it can not be turned on. The
LED flashes at a low frequency while charging and lights constantly when the charging has finished. The display
goes back to normal mode when fully charged.
When the handset is placed in the charger the vibrator will not work and the B-answer function is inactive even if
chosen. If the battery is fully discharged, it will be a moment before charging starts.

4. Key Functions

The handset has 21 keys:
Two keys are placed at the right side for volume control. Press upper or lower key to change the volume. Each
key-press turns volume one step up/down.
- Go to menu structure or exit menu structure. (Escape or »NO«)
" < ",
/C - Menu: left, Cursor left, after a digit: delete last digit. Long press: delete all.
From standby text: Redial menu.
" > ",
- Menu: right, Cursor right, After a digit: Store number in telephone book.
From standby text: Telephone book read.
- Confirmation (»YES«) or jump to next level in the menu. In off hook: Mute.
Long key press turns the handset OFF.
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