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Cleaning The Filter; Descaling The Water Kettle - KitchenAid 5KEK1722 User Manual


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Cleaning the filter

The Water Kettle features a removable meshed filter that traps scale deposits for cleaner
water. The filter will need to be cleaned periodically—more often if you have hard water.
To access filter: open the lid; the filter is
located behind spout inside Water Kettle.
Grasp the top of the filter to remove.
NOtE: If limescale deposits remain on the filter, let it stand overnight in a solution of
water and white vinegar. Rinse the filter thoroughly and replace in the Water Kettle.

Descaling the Water Kettle

To get the best performance from your
Water Kettle, descaling will be necessary.
Limescale deposits may form on the interior
metal parts of the Water Kettle. The cleaning
interval will depend on the hardness of the
water you put in the Kettle.
Empty the solution from the Water Kettle.
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Clean under hot water with a soft brush or
cloth to remove deposits, replace filter by
sliding into the slot behind the spout.
Fill the Water Kettle with white vinegar to
the 0.25 L mark. Add water to the 0.75 L
mark. Boil at 100º C and allow to stand
Fill the Water Kettle with water, bring to
a boil and drain out the water. Repeat this
step twice. The Water Kettle is now ready
to use.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents