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Recipe Tips - KitchenAid PRO LINE KPWB100 Instructions And Recipes Manual

Pro line series waffle baker
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Do not over-mix the batter. A few lumps are fine. Smooth batters produce
tough, heavy waffles.
If refrigerated in a tightly sealed container, most batters will remain fresh for
one or two days. Stored batter will usually thicken, so you may have to add a
little water or milk and re-mix the batter before using. Cold batter may require
additional baking time to reach desired browness.
Recipes that include butter, oil, or eggs will produce crispier, more easily browned
waffles than recipes without those ingredients.
Waffles made from low-fat recipes can be difficult to remove. If your waffles tend
to stick to the waffle plates, add a little more butter or oil to the recipe. Do not
coat the waffle plates with spray-on oils or shortenings, they will produce a gummy
build-up that will be difficult to remove.
For exceptionally light waffles, try this: when the recipe calls for eggs, separate
the eggs and blend the yolk into the batter. In a separate bowl, beat the whites
until fluffy – but not stiff – and carefully fold the whites into the batter just
before baking.
For a hearty, full-grain flavor, try using whole grain flour in place of white flour.
Buttermilk powder is a good substitute for fresh buttermilk in waffle recipes and is
easy to keep on hand. Use powder according to package directions.

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Table of Contents