Cancelling A Baking Timer Countdown; Recipe Tips - KitchenAid Artisan 5KWB100 Instructions And Recipes Manual

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14. To prepare more waffles, reset the
baking timer by pressing the Reset
Button ( ). The display background
will return to blue and the timer will
revert to the previous time set. Then
repeat steps 5–13.
NOTE: Unless the baking timer is reset, the
Waffle Baker will automatically shut off 5
minutes after the timer reaches zero.
• Do not over-mix the batter. A few lumps
are fine. Smooth batters produce tough,
heavy waffles.
• If refrigerated in a tightly sealed
container, most batters will remain fresh
for one or two days. Stored batter will
usually thicken, so you may have to
add a little water or milk and re-mix the
batter before using. Cold batter may
require additional baking time to reach
desired brownness.
• Recipes that include butter, oil, or
eggs will produce crispier, more easily
browned waffles than recipes without
those ingredients.
• Waffles made from low-fat recipes can be
difficult to remove. If your waffles tend to
stick to the waffle plates, add a little more
Using the Waffle Baker

Recipe Tips

15. When baking is finished, press the
Power ( ) Button to turn the baking
unit off. Leave a baker lid open
to speed cooling of the baking unit.
Canceling a Baking Timer Countdown
To cancel a timer countdown, press the
Reset Button ( ). The baking timer display
will revert to the previous time set. After
the timer has been reset, use the Timer
Adjustment Dial ( ) to change the baking
time, if desired, and press the Start Button
( ) to begin a new timer countdown. If a
timer countdown is not started within 2
hours, the baking unit will automatically
shut off.
butter or oil to the recipe. Do not coat
the waffle plates with spray-on oils or
shortenings, they will produce a gummy
build-up that will be difficult to remove.
• For exceptionally light waffles, try this:
when the recipe calls for eggs, separate
the eggs and blend the yolk into the
batter. In a separate bowl, beat the
whites until fluffy – but not stiff – and
carefully fold the whites into the batter
just before baking.
• For a hearty, full-grain flavor, try using
whole grain flour in place of white flour.
• Buttermilk powder is a good substitute
for fresh buttermilk in waffle recipes and
is easy to keep on hand. Use powder
according to package directions.


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