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How To Arrange For Warranty Service In Puerto Rico; How To Arrange For Service After The Warranty Expires - All Locations; How To Arrange For Service Outside These Locations - KitchenAid PRO LINE KPWB100 Instructions And Recipes Manual

Pro line series waffle baker
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hoW to arranGe for Warranty
servIce In PUerto rIco
Your Waffle Baker is covered by a two-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.
KitchenAid will pay for replacement parts and labor costs to correct defects in materials
and workmanship. Service must be provided by an Authorized KitchenAid Service Center.
Take the Waffle Baker or ship prepaid and insured to an Authorized KitchenAid Service
Center. Your repaired Waffle Baker will be returned prepaid and insured. If you are
unable to obtain satisfactory service in this manner, call toll-free 1-800-541-6390 to
learn the location of a Service Center near you.
hoW to arranGe for
servIce after the Warranty
exPIres – all locatIons
Before calling for service, please review the Troubleshooting section on page 15.
For service information in the 50 United states, District of Columbia, and
Puerto Rico, call toll-free 1-800-541-6390. Or write to: Customer Satisfaction Center,
KitchenAid Portable Appliances, P.O. Box 218, St. Joseph, MI 49085-0218. Or contact
an Authorized Service Center near you.
For service information in Canada, call toll-free 1-800-807-6777. Or write to:
Customer Interaction Centre, KitchenAid Canada, 1901 Minnesota Court,
Mississauga, ON L5N 3A7.
hoW to arranGe for servIce
oUtsIde these locatIons
Consult your local KitchenAid dealer or the store where you purchased the KitchenAid
PRO LINE™ Waffle Baker for information on how to obtain service.
For service information in Mexico, call toll-free 01-800-024-17-17
(JV Distribuciones) or 01-800-902-31-00 (Industrias Birtman).


Table of Contents