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KitchenAid PRO LINE KPWB100 Instructions And Recipes Manual page 8

Pro line series waffle baker
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Waffle BaKer
Pre-Heat Indicator
The indicator light flashes until the baker is fully pre-heated. When
the optimum temperature is reached, a tone will sound and the
indicator light will glow continuously.
timer Adjustment Dial
Turn the dial to set the baking time in 15 second increments, from
a minimum of 2 minutes, 30 seconds to a maximum of 5 minutes,
30 seconds. Turn the dial clockwise to increase the baking time,
counter-clockwise to decrease the time.
Baking timer Display
Shows the remaining baking time in minutes and seconds.
start Button
Once the Waffle Baker is pre-heated, press the start button to begin
a timer countdown.
Reset Button
After the baking timer is activated, press the reset button to stop the
count and reset the baking timer display. Pressing the reset button
will also halt the message tones after the timer reaches zero.
overbake Indication
When the baking timer reaches zero, the Waffle Baker produces a
series of tones, the timer display background turns red, and the timer
begins to count up. If your waffles are not quite done, the count-up
will track the extra time you let the waffles bake.


Table of Contents

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