Notes On Using The Cradle; Regulatory And Safety Notices - Epson PS-100 User Manual

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Please note that even if not in use, the PS-100 should be charged at least once within a 6 month period.
Failing to do so might affect the performance of the rechargeable battery.

Notes on using the cradle

Do not use the charging cradle, AC adapter, or USB cable if they are damaged, faulty, or
contaminated by foreign material such as dust, water, or dirt.
Do not use any adapter other than the specified adapter for charging.
In areas in which usage is restricted, such as on airplanes and in hospitals, follow the rules and
regulations provided (such as in-flight announcements).
Do not use the device if you have a surgically implanted medical device such as a cardiac
Do not bring the device into an operating room or intensive care unit, and do not use the device
near medical equipment. Radio waves from the device may interfere with electronic medical
equipment causing the equipment to malfunction and cause an accident.
This device is equipped with Bluetooth
rate monitors or smart phones, this function wirelessly sends and receives heart rate
measurement data to the device.
This device has been certified as a wireless device based on the Radio Law.
Therefore, the following acts may be punishable by law.
- Disassembling or remodeling the device
- Removing the verification or certification number for the device
Smart technology. When operating supported heart
Using this device safely • 8


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents